Prophetic Intelligence Briefing – Mental & Emotional Health

Mental & Emotional Health
From Breakthrough Prophecies Prayers & Declarations Book

Your keys for breakthrough also are for your emotional health and well-being. God designed your neurology, emotions, and mental capacity to be more than enough to connect to Him and the calling He has for you. He is giving you keys for breakthrough in every aspect of your mental and emotional health.

I made you with a powerful mind and passion that was to be carried out in your emotional strength. These tools for your humanity to relate to Me are two of the ones I fight for as your breaker more than any other. I will give you wisdom, understanding, and perspective so you can have health in your emotions and mind.
Your neurology was made to wire with Mine, to think and process the way I do. I will send My spirit to you to relate what is happening deeply within Me and allow you to experience the stability of My own inner life.

When you face emotional or mental pressure or breakdown, I am your comforter. I never designed your mind to stop working or your emotions to be broken; I created you to thrive. Anxiety, fear, depression, mental illness, neurological problems were never My portion for you. I never made you to be lesser in your intellect or to have learning disabilities. I never intended you to have sociological issues in your emotions, but I made you to experience fullness in all of these areas.

I want to give you a vision of what you were made inside of you. I want to heal areas that weren’t parented with the grace of My love. I want to give you what is in deficit mode inside of you through My spirit.I want to break off any limitations you have had, even if you were born with them. I never intended you to be born without My fullness, and I want to restore you physically, psychologically, and spiritually.”

God, give me the mind of Christ and bring my natural mind and emotions into the right balances. Touch my inner life with Your presence and help me to navigate the difficult places. If I have settled in any area for less than what You intended, help me to have perspective so I can fight for what You have for me.

I pray for my mind to be rewired and for it to work exactly as You intended it. I ask that You would give me clarity of thought, big-picture thinking, and huge perspective for myself and for others. Help me to not get distracted easily, and help me to have the right kind of focus in my life. Father, help me to live out a connected life.

I pray that my emotions would also be rewired and that I would allow the Holy Spirit to be the leader of my mind, body, and emotions. Give me the conviction to do what is right and best, even when I do not feel it. Help Your spirit within me to have a voice bigger than my emotions and thoughts, confirming to me what is in Your nature and what is in Your Word.