Wired to Hear


Wired to Hear Book: Wired to hear will help you practically apply our faith in the workplace. We are decluttering & demystifying the spiritual pursuit of hearing God for you especially if you are in the marketplace, career, or a place of influence. You will learn how to navigate through decisions, hard times, and practical life in a way that gives you an advantage to the world around you. Your life is meant to be a transformational tool to your family, career, and community. God is releasing miracles in the marketplace because of people who are living miraculously in their lives and you are invited to be one of them.


Review: “I loved this book. It has made a huge impact on me and how I approach my roll in the marketplace. I feel this book has provided me with tools on how to hear from God on how to make business decisions and what I can do to influence the marketplace. I have been recommending this book to my friends who are thinking about making bold decisions on their careers.”



What if God is raising up Solomons in our day? People who will use the wisdom of God to build infrastructures, governments and craftsmanship to influence the world around them. In 2018, Shawn Bolz had an impression that God was going to use believers in the marketplace as the front-liners to culture. Shawn conversed with his friend, Bob Hasson, who had been in business for the past 40 years. They came together to write, Wired to Hear, to impart the courage to people in the marketplace to trust and hear God in our careers, businesses, and finances. It all starts with hearing God’s voice. As we walk with God, we become conduits of His resource, blessing, and provision, but for a purpose: transformation of hearts, cultures, cities, and even the climate. Many lose sight of that purpose while crafting their career or business or simply working hard to create resources, finances, or wealth. The stakes are high and the war is great, so we can’t go after this in our own strength, wisdom, or power. Listening to God can not be just an occasional occurrence when God disrupts our big decisions, but it has to be a way of life in all things and we have to partner with Him in practical daily decisions.

Our mission is simple: Hear God. Partner with His incredible wisdom and grace. And from that place, do the work He has called us to do. But we must build with spiritual tools so we can bear natural fruit that has spiritual implications over lives.

Wired to Hear shares stories of those in the marketplace who have had to lean into God’s wisdom. You will read real-life examples of what it looks like to hear God and follow His leading within marketplace roles. As you walk this journey with Shawn and Bob, you’ll have an opportunity to build spiritually driven goals for both your own career as well as the industry you are called to.

In everything we do, we have access to God’s heart and mind, His solutions for every problem, His unconditional love for every human, and His passion for the very earth itself.

The world has millions of problems and it is the glory of God to bring solutions. His glory is seen in the love that manifests not only through salvation, but also in how He brings blessing and solutions in the practical areas of our lives. It’s time to access the fullness of what God has made available to you in your lifetime through hearing His voice!

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