About the Team

Shawn Bolz

Shawn is a TV host, news commentator (both as a personality and writer), media producer and a Christian minister. He has been driving a positive narrative in news stories, the entertainment industry, in social justice, and especially in issues that affect Christianity. Whether you are listening to him interviewing a business leader on his CBN show/podcast, or watching his live news commentary vodcast/podcast on Youtube, you are bound to come away with a way of seeing things that you hadn’t thought of before. Shawn has been interviewed on many popular shows, like Fox News, CBN News, 700 Club, CenterPoint TBN News, Praise on TBN, and the Joni Show.

As a minister, Shawn’s deeply connected yet humorous style of speaking, media hosting & coaching and ability to help everyday people connect to hearing God’s voice has brought him around the world to meet with churches, CEO’s, entertainers, and world leaders. He is the author of several best selling books He is also a contributing journalist online to CBN News Network and Charisma News Network.

Shawn’s current projects

Shawn currently hosts one of the top ranking Christian podcasts, Exploring the Marketplace, with over 9 million downloads. It is also a popular CBN News Channel weekly show.

His top ranking news commentary podcast, Prophetic Perspectives, is a Christian news Youtube series that is produced live every week and is also released as a podcast on Charisma Podcast network.

Shawn also hosted and produced Discovering God on TBN. He is a programmer and regular host on the TBN network, and is a regular host on TBN Praise.

Shawn now lives in Texas. He enjoys living on an urban farm with his wife, Cherie and their two daughters, 2 dogs, a cat and chickens.

More About Shawn’s Ministries

Cherie Bolz

Cherie Bolz leads Bolz Ministries alongside her husband Shawn in Los Angeles, CA. She is passionate about intimacy with God and personal transformation. She gives Biblical based inspirational messages that will help you live a life of wholeness in freedom and to its fullest. Cherie is known for her humor and a trademarked transparency where she constantly tells on herself for the benefit of the listeners growing journey. She is a storyteller with stories that will cause you to mature with her as you find yourself in her message. Cherie enjoys taking people on a journey of self-discovery and inspiration to become the most empowered version of themselves. She is practical yet deep coming from a church leadership and creative background. She has a passion for family and enjoys being mom to her two beautiful daughters Harper and Hartley.

Meet the Team

Jacqueline Wilson
Assistant Director of Bolz Ministries

Jacqueline started her career as a missionary to Turkey, Scotland and Cambodia. While on the mission field she received a Masters of Education and taught at an international school in Cambodia. Once she returned to the states, Jacqueline taught high school English at a charter school in inner city LA for many years. In 2018, she joined Bolz Ministries as our events coordinator. She used her lesson planning skills to plan our multi-city nationwide tours. When the pandemic halted our travel, Jacqueine became our assistant director. She currently resides in LA and volunteers at her local church and writes children’s books in her free time.

Elisha Magill
Social Media Director & Assistant Director of Spiritual Growth Academy

Started with Bolz Ministries as a contractor in 2017 and is now part of the full time Bolz Ministries staff.

Elisha Magill has worked for Bolz Ministries for over 5 years, is a former nurse, and an Author having written her first book: Making Beauty with the Ashes: How God Saved My Marriage. She and her husband Brian have a podcast on Charisma Podcast Network called: Healing the Broken Marriage.

Elisha’s passion is to help other couples who have or are currently walking through difficult times in their relationships by strengthening their faith and giving them tools and strategies to use in their own relationships.
Elisha’s hobbies include traveling with her husband and operating a large herd cattle farm.

Jeff Hoult
Pastoral Director of Bolz Ministries/Spiritual Growth Academy & Resource Manager &

Jeff (also known as summer Jeff) is the resident dual citizen of the USA & Canada. He really enjoys seeing people walking in the fullness of their identity in Christ & how to walk out the finished works of the Cross. One of his favorite quotes for ministry is “we’re all called to play”, he really enjoys equipping and empowering people to live & do the works that Jesus did that we can do today, while being wildly filled with the Holy Spirit!. Jeff went to Bible College for 4 years and has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Pastoral Ministries, he has also been involved in his local church in Los Angeles. In his free time you can catch Jeff on his quest finding the best Mexican food in LA and also doing stand up comedy.

Glen Wang
Podcast Producer

Glen is not as cool as summer Jeff but cooler than winter Jeff. Glen went to school and got schooled in the holy spirit at age 27 and then proceeded to work for a couple ministries before joining the Bolz Ministries Team. He loves hearing the stories of podcast guests as well as helping the team succeed, recording meaningful teachings for the Spiritual Growth Academy and seeing the members grow. He now resides in the Pacific Northwest with his Wife Loraina and his two dogs.

Hobbies: Eating. Like, ALL the time. Also is a nerfherder by all societal measurements.

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