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Take your spiritual growth to a whole new level!

Our classes and accelerators are focused on the spiritual side of life making the themes of the gifts of the Spirit, hearing God’s voice, and spiritual health practical and actionable in your life. You will also have wisdom and education to speak into others’ journeys and to exercise your faith in a way that is Biblically sound but also practically powerful.

Picture this: You are now getting to hear about how God can redeem your timeline by Troy Brewer, learning to hear from God about your heart and mind from Real Talk Kim, the importance of Israel to Christians from Rabbi Jason Sobel, develop your leadership foundation with Steve Chua, or prophetic evangelism from a pastor who has taught thousands around the world like Shawn Gabie. Get impartation from prophetic voices like Matt Sorger, Gary and Sarah Morgan, and Apostle Kathryn Krick. Go on a destiny journey with Lauren Hasson or a prophetic prayer journey with Anne Tubs. Learn from coaches, pastors, teachers, and Christian influencers from all around the world!

Every month we have a class with 4 sessions, which includes an interactive zoom part with the teachers. Teaching time with the students with Shawn Bolz.
Plus we have our weekly connect groups with Pastor Jeff, plus our interactive discord community!

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The permission to practice the prophetic and  the encouragement to write down everything has been very helpful. It feels like God has been preparing me for a few years and I’ve been doubting his voice so much in so many ways. In such a short time through the community, the teachings, the practice, the encouragement to step out in risky places, has proved to me over and over that the Lord has been speaking and that He wants to speak prophetically. I feel the breaking off of doubt has brought such a delightful increase in the relationship with the Lord in my life as well. I’m talking to God more and spending more time with Him.

Dillion Stach

As a stay at home mom, it felt challenging to find like minded community and a place to grow and be challenged spiritually in this season. Since joining SGA, my favorite thing has been connecting, praying and practicing the prophetic with incredible people from all over the US and the world in connect group with Jeff and on discord. I love our encouraging, safe and loving community including the SGA staff!! I’m also thankful to be introduced to so many new teachers/ pastors / business people / leaders on the platform, with the flexibility of attending live or watching at my own convenience, which I need to do most of the time. It felt significant to me when my good friend (and pastor from when we lived in California) told me she can see huge spiritual growth in me since I’ve been a part of SGA. Yay Jesus! Yay SGA! Thank you all for being a part of my growth!

Brittany Dudley

The quality of teaching has been commendable. I have appreciated the instructors and students greatly!! The real world experiences of everyone has been such an encouragement. The course layout has been very logical and the discussions have helped me focus on spiritual growth. Even though at times I felt like the new kid at a new school and wondered how to navigate the program, Pastor Jeff has helped me see that Grace extends to us all. His feedback has been practical and has provided valuable insights into how to be in a community of spiritual growth, prophetic practice and learning.


Prompted by Shawn Bolz’s YouTube videos and Instagram, I joined the Spiritual Growth Academy in April 2023. It has far exceeded all of my expectations. The classes and live sessions are given by highly anointed and trained people in their specialized fields, such as the prophetic, dream interpretation, encounters with Jesus, deliverance, coaching billionaires, etc. Every month it is like diving into a treasure trove, as these teachings contain such nuggets of wisdom, as well as practical tips and strategies for growth in each one of these areas. I an truly delighted with everything I’ve learned so far. For those who can not attend live sessions, they are all recorded and we can work through each course at our own pace.


Take your spiritual growth to a whole new level
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