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One-third of the Bible is framed with stories about people hearing God and the amazing outcomes and benefits of their relational journeys with Him. Why would the Bible be so focused on the role of prophecy and prophets if this powerful toolset wasn’t still available today? And if these gifts are available, how can we practically administrate these supernatural occurrences into our very real lives? Is it possible?

Read this how-to book that will show you how to bring God’s dreams and desires for every person through prophecy. In this very practical but theological guide, you will see how prophecy is still God’s way of building His purposes and plans in partnership with believers. Business plans are perfected, kidnapped victims are discovered, government officials are elected—all by hearing God’s voice. This book provides practical theology, creative ideas on how to build spiritual intelligence in administrating this gift, and starter models for how to operate this in your church, ministry network, business, and beyond.

Prophecy is not just about hearing God’s voice but administering God’s will in every area of life. Much of the prophetic today is elusive and unapproachable, but practical tools of healthy theology are changing our options, and this book can bring about your personal experiential and theological reformation on prophecy. Let’s do this!

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Practical, pragmatic, ministry enhancing, thought-provoking and dynamic. Just what you would expect from a Modern Prophet who has gone through this process himself.

No prophet I know thinks they have made it. We are all still on a relentless journey of discovery in our relentless pursuit of God. Jesus is Big Country. The Kingdom is enormous. The beauty of God is still an awesome paradox. Both a close, heart-thumping reality and a far off, all-encompassing dream.

There are many varieties of gift, ministry, and effects. No one prophet does it all. However, true prophets are by definition explorers, pioneers, warriors, champions and game changers in their particular field of expression.

In the old testament, we see a prophetic concentration of the gift largely in a single people group. In the new testament there is a prophetic distribution across the planet. How we would prophesy in Africa is different to Asia and contrasting again throughout Europe.

It is vital then, that people we are mentoring have access to a broad example-based learning that describes, defines and delineates the required identity, personality and spiritual growth required to be both tested and proven in this unique ministry.

To this end, Shawn’s book, “Modern Prophets” will empower every student of the prophetic to determine their: field of expression, level of authority, and the requirements of gift, ministry, and office as a prophetic voice.

I heartily recommend both the book and the man.

Graham Cooke

Shawn Bolz has given us a treasure, an enduring treasure! This book will enlighten you and bring you up to date with what God is doing through this contemporary, prophetic generation. Modern Prophets, the Gift, the Ministry, and the Office is filled with practical insights, amazing true life stories, and information that you will want to share with others. You have in your hands a concise handbook for prophetic ministry that will be a resource for years to come! You will never see the prophetic gift the same after reading Shawn’s game-changing book. There is nothing like it that I know of. It fills the gap in our understanding of what God is doing in His people today. You will be activated by reading this book, so be sure to buy another for a friend–they will thank you!

Brian Simmons

The Passion Translation Project

Modern Prophets by Shawn Bolz is truly one of the most thorough and solid handbooks on the prophetic and the role of prophets that I have read.  It is inspirational, impartational, practical, and theological. This book should be in every believer’s library. It is in mine!

Dr. Patricia King

Founder of Patricia King Ministries

Modern Prophets is a truly modern take on the gift of prophecy, prophetic ministry, and the role of the prophet in our time. What do these gifts and roles look like today in society, in the church and in places like business industries, politics, and the entertainment industry? Shawn has been on a journey of interviewing hundreds of people who are seeing their relationship with God speaking to them change their world around them and it has lead him to explore what the prophetic can do in every aspect of our lives, society, and the world we live in. What are prophets today? How can we be on a proactive journey to hear God’s voice and activate the prophetic in our own lives? What are the theological guidelines and boundaries that keep us safe as we pursue the prophetic as an individual, for our churches, in our businesses, in our families? This book both looks at how to bring and trust people practicing the prophetic into your life as well as provides incredible structure for those pursuing to be a prophetic encourager, minister, or even those who feel called to be a prophet.


Shawn’s best selling book on the prophetic, Translating God was a love based approach to restore the value you for the hearing God in your everyday life. His next best selling book, God Secret’s, was about the power gift of word of knowledge and how it helps us connect to the depth of God’s mind and inner process. This book though, Modern Prophets, is of course building with those but completely new and explosively exciting and brings this same passion, new incredible stories, but the focus is to bring you through a theological approach to bring the usefulness of the hearing God’s voice into a functional place for every believer to thrive in. Shawn presents ideas and models as simple as listening prayer, a model for receiving words, all the way into how to deploy prophetic ministry into your church or company, or organization as well as restoring the dignity of what the office of the prophet truly is for these modern times. In this non religious, super relatable book, all the weird mystique of how the prophetic has been presented in a wrong way will dissolve as you feel empowered to be part of a people who are on a dynamic journey that are shaping culture, correcting injustice, and establishing kingdom because of their connection to Jesus through hearing His voice.


This book is a theological and experiential reformation on Prophecy!


Through Modern Prophets you will gain theological permission to pursue the revelatory gifts of hearing God and you will be more empowered in your understanding that prophecy is not just about hearing alone but administering Gods will in every area of life. Much of the prophecy today is elusive and unapproachable. Practical tools of healthy theology, great starter models for how to bring the prophetic into your life, your ministry, or your business/career/family/government/arts & entertainment, are changing everything.


The dreams and desires of God for every person are made available through prophecy. Business plans are perfected, kidnapped victims are discovered, government officials elected by means of this gift. The benefits are truly endless. It’s time we become Modern in our prophetic approach and bring dignity to this amazing subject of the hearing God’s voice. It’s time to release Modern Prophets.


Read Modern Prophets and learn how to truly administrate the gift, ministry, and office of Prophecy. Go on a journey of incorporating the prophetic into your life. This book will be a before and after moment for you! You won’t remember what you did without this tool set because God’s voice will forever be your goal along side His written word from this book forward.


Practically what is in the book?

If you have ever needed a handbook for the following subjects you now have one:


The Theology of the Prophetic

Biblical Historical Context of Prophecy

Current Context for Prophecy

Ways God Speaks

Benefits of Prophecy

Getting a Word Wrong

The Psychology of the prophetic

A Focus on Daily Listening Prayer

The Individual Growth Process in the Prophetic

Testing Words and feedback

Building self-accountability

Holding prophets accountable

The Administration of the Prophetic

How to bring the prophetic into your workplace, career, political pursuit, family, and other spheres of influence

How to bring on a prophetic advisor into your industry or ministry

How to become a prophetic minister

Defining responsibility of the prophet

Building relational accountability

Nurturing a prophetic community

Appointing someone to the office of a Prophet

Avoiding Negative Experiences and How to Build positively

How to prophesy over others in a way that is useful to them

And so much more…

Modern Prophets makes the prophetic useful, practical, and real in every sphere of society. Its time to create the expectation both in the Christian world but also beyond that God is speaking through Modern Prophets and what He is saying WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING!

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