Year End Update


Your partnership, prayers, and faith have created a whole new trajectory for our ministry. And we want to say, THANK YOU! Because of you we will have an impact and new opportunities that I know are the destiny of God for 2022 and beyond! 

Heart time: Cherie and I pray for you and all of our partners for real, and we are so humbled by the fact that you chose to go on the journey with our ministry. We were making a video the other day, and I stopped and began to pray for our partners that everything that was happening through our ministry would show up in your life in a real way.  You may read that and not really own it, but you standing with us, means everything.

We know that 2021 was like a terrible extension of 2020 worldwide, but because we have been focused on building with Jesus, we had a totally different experience than the rest of the world. You have helped Bolz Ministries in 2021 to stay the course to our mission of helping believers worldwide have a connected relationship to Jesus. We are seeing people from all denominations and streams get impacted by their own relationship to the voice of God, and to Biblical training that is practical and relevant to the day we live in. We are aiming for more for 2022 because of your partnership with God’s purposes that Ephesians 2:10 talks about: 

10 We have become his poetry, a re-created people that will fulfill the destiny he has given each of us, for we are joined to Jesus, the Anointed One. Even before we were born, God planned in advance our destiny and the good works[h] we would do to fulfill it!

Working for a few years in developing Christian content has been something I never saw myself doing on this level. Being a producer and host for TBN, CBN News, and Charisma Media has been so rewarding as our shows are trending on TBN and our podcast charts in the top 100 in all religion categories all over the world regularly. As a matter of fact we are number 1080 of all worldwide podcasts of any type. That is how HUNGRY people are to hear the conversations and grow in what it’s like to walk with Jesus in a real way! 

In 2020, we knew when we shifted from touring and public speaking to doing media projects that we would need God to open big doors and I want you to know, the speed in which they opened has been so unbelievable and encouraging to the overall picture of what we have felt. Before 2020, we appeared in front of 50 thousand people a year to train and inspire through our events.  But now we are creating media that has been viewed by millions of people! This has really helped us to understand more of our potential assignments as well. Most of our content is produced by your contributions, so the fact that we have been able to really resource the right team and do it for such a low cost and produce content that is being viewed as broadly as content that costs 100 times more is really a testimony to how God is leading these projects.

We are genuinely so blessed about what your partnership has helped us to accomplish. When things accelerate and we have partnerships with people as passionate as you, there is no exhaustion or pain in the hard work. 

We are hearing so many stories of lives that have been changed through our ministry. We are on words of affirmation overload! You need to know that people in all sectors of life—from politicians all the way to some of the most unreached people of the Earth—are being affected by your prayers and your support of us through your partnership! I feel so much fulfillment and joy when I sit down to read what has happened and how our ministry is affecting lives. We have become a supplement to people’s spiritual faith and the reward in Jesus is undefinable to me. Feel the weight of this as you read it, because you help make it possible! Our fruit, as always, is your fruit. 

Thank you so much for everything you contributed. I am so proud of our Bolz partners. I am also proud of our Bolz Ministries team members who have been excellent stewards of every part of each resource we have been entrusted with. We have so much to report to you, but we want to make sure you feel and know our gratitude. 

Thank you so much for your continued love and support for our ministry. Did I say this yet? We are so grateful and humbled by your support and love. May your Christmas and New Years season be so beautiful and bright. We have included in this letter a list of all we were able to partner with Jesus on throughout the year, so that you can feel the importance of your contribution and how it is bringing about Kingdom change in the world. 

In Christ, 

Shawn and Cherie Bolz



We are including numbers and metrics of people we have reached. In doing so we are not bragging to you but including you in the impact that your partnership has brought through such a small ministry. We want you to feel excited with us for what we are building together! In the space of these last twelve months, we were able to: 


  • DISCOVERING GOD WITH SHAWN BOLZ NEW SERIES ON TBN – Launched in May 2021 to a world wide audience! Now more than ever, we need to know God. We need to be able to access Him in every way He makes Himself available.  In each episode, I teach from evocational real world locations and scenarios, meeting with everyday people who share powerful testimonies of encountering these life changing identities of God. 

  • THE KINGDOM LIFE on TBN – A 5-part documentary series exploring the overtly supernatural work of the Holy Spirit in the life of today’s church. We explored how modern churches of all denominations and backgrounds are experiencing and leaning into the many gifts and workings of the Spirit, and shared the fruit that is being born of that work. 

  • THE EXPLORING THE MARKETPLACE PODCAST SERIES WILL TURN INTO AN INTERVIEW TV SHOW! – We are partnering to CBN News to release special video versions of Exploring the Marketplace with my co-host, Bob Hasson.This edition of the Exploring Series that we launched in 2020 has quickly become a staple in the Christian community hitting top 100 charts for religion and Christianity in every English speaking nation and also others like China, Russia, and Indonesia. I have included a Co-Host, Bob Hasson who brings a fathering touch as an expert in consulting people who are in careers, business owners, and influencers.  We interview marketplace leaders, entrepreneurs, and some of our close friends for all different industries on how their partnership with God in their industry is creating great impact and transformation.

  • EXPLORING THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY PODCAST TV VERSION: I am also hosting my podcast exploring what God is doing in the Entertainment industry and it is going to be a new show on CBN as well in 2022!! If you haven’t seen the 18 tv episodes we already produced, or heard the 10 audio versions please listen now! 

Free resources we continued creating or established in 2021 included:

  • OUR APP: We fully launched our new Bolz Ministries free App with exclusive content to help people grow! We have a free 30 day devotional there now on the Provision Prayer book that I authored last year. We also have all of our videos, podcasts, and articles in one space so you can easily find everything we are producing. I want to encourage you to download the app and even tell your friends who need this content! 

  • EXPLORING SERIES WITH SHAWN BOLZ – We have expanded our podcasts to include “The Exploring Series with Shawn Bolz” where all 3 podcasts came out under the same subscription and have weekly editions! God is really getting the glory through the stories that are being shared!

  • EXPLORING THE PROPHETIC PODCAST: We created 60 new episodes of one of Christianity’s top conversational podcasts in the world! This is our weekly interview show, during which people from all walks of life share how their relationship with God and hearing His voice is changing their world and the world around them. You guys, we now have over seven million downloads, and tens of thousands of subscribers are growing with us from all over the world. This podcast has stood in the gap to share what the prophetic truly looks like in people’s lives. People are hungry for this conversation!

  • YOUR PROPHETIC JOURNEY YOUTUBE SERIES – We released a web series in 2019 that helps people to be inspired by stories of the prophetic and we have made 100 episodes! Did you hear that? 100!!!! We have over 57,000 subscribers.  We told stories both creatively and powerfully, but also playfully.  These stories have already had a huge response on youtube and have been helping people to really grow through an inspirational infusion of faith. We are going to be reconstructing what we are doing for the next season of webisodes. We will be modeling what it looks like to prophesy.  We will be taking a slight reality show approach showing our teams and myself included, ministering to people in everyday situations so that viewers can have a “I can do that!” moment and go for it with us!

  • TEACHING AND TRAINING VIDEOS – We produced live videos each week with transformative theology and teaching about growing and maturing in our spiritual lives. We equipped people in the prophetic and showed prophetic moments highlighting examples of our theology and prophetic teaching, and we had engagement of over 4 million people a month, just on social media!

  • WRITING AND ARTICLES—CHARISMA MAGAZINE AND CBN NEWS: I was a featured contributor on Charisma magazine and Charisma News Network, CBN News Network, and in many journals and publications; and we added our review strength to written articles and endorsements for movies, books, and creative projects. If I could summarize what the impact this had, I would say we are really able to contribute to people’s global perspective and prophetic awareness as well as endorse projects to highlight the importance of certain materials that need a larger platform. 


  • WE NOW HAVE MONTHLY EVENTS ONLINE: Through our platform we are hosting monthly events on various charismatic topics that give our viewers a time to interact, receive prayer, and get equipped with incredible experts and anointed ministers. 

  • WEEKLY CLASSES WITH FIRST CLASS IN EACH WEEK FREE- We also launched classes on our platform and people are starving for this content. These mini classes are only 4 weeks so people can easily ingest the materials and each one presents such a great topic like dream interpretation, deliverance, and processing prophetic words. We posted the first class for free streaming on facebook/youtube and our platform. We also have a free live component with our teachers in each class and I have to say that people are engaging way more than we expected! We have many more classes coming for 2022 so follow us on social media and email to find out when these are!

  • TEACHING SERIES: I am doing monthly teaching series on various topics, involving your relationship with God, your spiritual gifts, the prophetic ministry, and many more themes. These are distributed through our online prophetic platform and our app. 



  • WIRED TO HEAR BOOK – We started out the year with a bang by publishing a best-selling book with my co-author, Bob Hasson called: Wired to Hear. This is a book for people in the marketplace to see fruit from their relationship with God over everyday decisions and to connect to Him in the way He designed us to: to understand our spiritual wiring. It has resounded with its audience. Bob and I have done a press tour appearing on multiple Daystar shows, PTL, TBN, and many podcasts/radio shows/and online interviews.

  • TRANSLATING GOD MENTORING PLATFORM & BOLZ MINISTRIES ONLINE PLATFORM- We are now mentoring a few thousand people weekly through our online platform and its growing with the inclusion of more teachers, events, classes, and content. 

  • COMING IN 2022 – NEW BOOK –
    Encounter: A Spiritual Perspective That Will Shape Your Faith for the Coming Move of God


  • COACHING/MENTORING FOR WISDOM/PROPHETIC STRENGTH/COUNSEL – One-on-one appointments took us around the world online—into the political arena in America and a few other nations, movie studios, movements, and churches, and to actors and justice leaders. We had over a hundred of these very special, relational appointments with people who needed prophetic insight, wisdom, and counsel.

  • GUEST APPEARANCES IN MEDIA – This year TBN invited me to contribute monthly on their PRAISE show to take their audience on a journey of hearing God and to talk about popular Christian topics with a new spin of faith. I was also featured on several CBN shows including 700 club and Faith Links. I was also on the Mondo Show sharing about how we are wired to hear from God with my partner, Bob Hasson. We were on several Daystar shows as well.  We were on so many different podcasts.  There are too many to name but it was exciting to reach so many new audiences with the message of connection to Jesus. I would call this my year of interviews!

  • JUSTICE MINISTRIES – We are committed to seeing the kingdom advance in conflict zones—red-light districts, war zones, and dangerous mission fields. We are on the advisory boards of several organizations and consistently support efforts—both personally and with a portion of your donations to Bolz Ministries. Notably : Justice Rising, building schools in war zones. We also support the justice fund of Expression58 church where we regularly contribute our voice, resources and time to justice and missions causes. 

  • DONATION TO MAKE GRANTS FOR BUSINESS OWNERS: We were given $10,000 dollars so we could award ten 1,000 dollar grants to our Exploring the Marketplace audience who were starting businesses and needed both spiritual and practical help. The stories that have come out of this are so full of God and we are featuring many of them on our podcast in the future! 

As you can see, we have made the most of a twelve-month period and have greater plans for next year. We can’t wait to spend 2022 in partnership with YOU! YOU are changing the world with us and affecting and enriching millions of lives. It may have been one of the toughest years in modern history but your reward in heaven is huge from this same year of hardship for many!

We are maximizing everything that we receive and believing for a huge future of producing content that will inspire the world to love Jesus more and really have spiritual intelligence about how to have that relationship mean something to the world around them. You are KEY in this! 

With much love,

Shawn Bolz and Bolz Ministries team