The Provision of Physical Healing

You are actually empowered to do anything that He’s told you and there’s steps you can take to feel empowered because if there’s a destiny, there’s a provision. For some of you the provision is your body needs to be healed. Some of you need a network of friends who can help you make it happen. For Some of you the provision is finances or a building. It’s important to remember to bloom where He has planted you right now. It’s a mindset that has to be in your heart to see what God’s doing and celebrate what He’s doing so you can come into the fullness even in the little season. In Luke 16:10 he talks about “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much..” Many of us aren’t trustworthy with our little.

I remember when I was 18 I had a back injury from a car accident, and Jill Austin prayed for me. She grabbed my hand, I flew backwards and I was healed for three days. I was healed long enough to drive to Kansas City where I moved. When I got there, I had three slipped disks, two were deteriorating. I was so excited that at least I was going to be in Kansas City where they pray, at that time three sessions a day most days of the week. They prayed for healing almost every time. I thought, “Oh, I’ll get healed in no time, right?” I was prayed for over 200 times.

I wanted to be healed. They told me I was going to be in a wheelchair. After being prayed for over 200 times, I was just done. I was in excruciating pain and the medication I was given didn’t touch it. This guy Jeff comes to my house and knocks on the door, I open the door and his hands are shaking. He tells me he has a word for me. What he didn’t know was I had felt abused by the prayer team and had decided to write them all off. He then says, “Because you’ve hardened your heart, you won’t receive prayer anymore, God can’t hear you. Because the body heals the body, He uses the body to pray for each other, and He’s not healing you on your own because He wants you to be in the context of family.” My first response was, “But you don’t know how mean they are to me.” But Jeff responds, “I know I heard from God that you can’t be healed unless you’ve received prayer.” That’s not always true theologically, but he was giving me the word.

I had to deal with my heart why I was unempowered, I was offended, I was affected by bad theology. I knew in my heart God wanted to heal me so I decided I’ll go and get prayer no matter how many evil people I have to get prayer from. I get here, a young man puts his hands on the side of my hips, and he starts praying for me. The miracle didn’t happen the next day, it happened that day. The day after I repented.

If there’s a destiny there’s a provision, and you’re responsible to be a part of the equation. If you take yourself out of part of the equation, you become a victim, and then you will become disappointed in God or others because you will hold them responsible for something that you have full responsibility for. Not that you can make it happen, but you can initiate faith.