“The Great Maturing”

I was in South Korea ministering. I was poured out and ready to go back to the hotel.  The pastor informed me that one of his elders was going to drive me and said he trusts him completely. So, I was escorted out to get into his car, and it was an extremely nice Mercedes sports car. It was a fun way to end the night. The man introduced himself as Daniel. I knew this was a spiritual moment, revelation hovered over us and gave us both a feeling of destiny.
As we were driving and making small talk, the man said, “I need to ask you something
about your watch. Is it special to you?” It was a nice watch I had been given from someone in the ministry and they prophesied a new season of breakthrough was coming into my life. It wasn’t a luxury watch or anything extremely special to most people, but it had sentimental value because right after he gave it to me, we had a season of really unprecedented ministry activity in our lives. The watch helped me to just rest in each experience and opportunity and enjoy God in it. Daniel said “That makes what I am going to ask you difficult. I was wondering if you would exchange your watch for mine.” I could not see his watch, but I felt like God was putting in his heart he needed what my watch represented. I was willing even without knowing him because it felt right, even if it was a strange request. I took off my watch and said, “You don’t have to exchange you can have this as a signpost.” But he said, “No you don’t understand, I need to give you, my watch.” He took his off and told me to put it on.

It was a luxury Swiss brand that cost him a lot of money. “When I was in one of the hardest places financially, we were following God and it was very rough. Everything was leveraged in faith and then the impossible happened. It all paid off! I felt like God put it in my heart to buy that watch as a signpost of breakthrough, that the time had changed in my life. I want to sow that into your life, that this is a new time and that things that happen after this will mark your life as different than before.”
I looked down at the watch and was buzzing. It was not just an expensive watch it was a
prophetic word. The watch could build one whole school in the war-zones through nonprofit we are on the board of, but that was not what this was about. This was about God marking my time as different and this is what he then said: “I am Daniel and I have a calling of Daniel of the Bible. You do to, and I feel like God is going to raise up partners together who will bring about God’s timing over projects, businesses, and God’s efforts on the earth. A lot of the people are in desperate need of this because they have followed God and it looks like the opposite is happening but then you will show up as a Daniel and help them understand the time they live in and bring breakthrough.”
As I wore the watch I was stunned because I knew God was speaking.
The next night I was with a mainstream entertainment group run by Christians that I
regularly ministered to and the woman who runs the group asked me “Where did you get that watch?! It was God, wasn’t it?! Don’t you remember my story?” And she told me again her story, but I had never known the brand of watch. When she gave her business to God, she hired an American actor for South Korea to model and act. It seemed like a dying effort, and nothing was happening, but God had put in her heart to bring him over. Then she was prophesied over that breakthrough was coming in her career and that a contract would come. That next week this watch’s company hired her actor/model. They paid him generously like he was an A list star and as a gift to her, he bought her one of these watches. Even though he was not a Christian he was a believer in her faith and
her vision and was impacted by it so he said, “Things will never be the same wear this to
remember that.” And they were not. “We are twins, what God is doing with you he is doing in your industry not just ministry.” I knew from what she was saying that God was raising up the anointing to be Daniels everywhere. I love that this happened to a woman from South Korea, so you can see there is no preference between man or woman or race.