The Brilliance of Mankind

Going back into the vision of the Trinity working on mankind before time began, I saw
something spectacular. God created space inside of every cell of humanity that He could overlap
within Himself.

The Shared Space Between God and Man

The Father was holding four young men, and He said, “Look! Even before its time!” And
He lit the God network up within them in such an extravagant way! Then I could see the Spirit
hovering over them, and it looked like the Northern lights in their spirits. “To these ones we will
give our divine intelligence, they will deliver Israel in a time when nothing else but this and their
faithfulness will work.” The Trinity was smiling over this decision. I realized I was looking and
Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.
Daniel 1:17: “To these four young men God gave knowledge and understanding of all
kinds of literature and learning. And Daniel could understand visions and dreams of all kinds.”
Daniel’s generation of Israel was so oppressed, and the people were in exile in Babylon
no longer having anything of their own. Their identity was almost all but stripped from them.
Then God brought His mind and perceptions to show His people He loved them even in their
rebellion and imbued these into Daniel and the three others. He raised them up in strange and
unique positions for Israelites to be in and through their choices, Israel was saved and ultimately
redeemed. I could see the Godhead loving these four men and how they admired their
craftsmanship of what they were creating.
“These look so much like the ones that will be alive when we return for humanity in the
end!” Jesus said.
“Yes, but they will stand as a beacon for what is available to those who come after you.”
Said the Father. “Deliverers who share our mind, our perceptions, our heart again.” He rubbed
one gently within His large fingers.
Then as I watched for what seemed to be hours, the Godhead pulled away from the first
batch of all the humans they had been working on and started a new one. They looked exactly
the same in almost every way, except something was definitely different. He was now working
on those who would be born after the Resurrection of Christ. I watched the capacity of the
humans that would be on the earth change, it seemed like the Holy Spirit was a divine
programmer, and the vessels became brighter. They had been predestined to be after the
Resurrection which gave them a different grace.
The angel next to me said, “You are the habitation of the presence of our Holy God! It
changes you from the inside out daily and gives you an opportunity to partner to His brilliance

I knew this was absolute truth, but it didn’t feel like practical truth to me. I know I have
had moments in my life where God made all the difference, but what I was seeing here was an
interweaving of God’s incredible nature and abilities, His wisdom and perceptions, that were
there within us when we embrace Jesus. The change is night and day and yet the actual process
of it doesn’t seem to happen the way I was seeing it here too often.

The Recipe

“You have access, but you have to grant His nature access by listening!” I knew that was
the recipe. To read the word, pray, listen, and then obey. It’s always been the truth of Scripture,
but I didn’t realize how important it was.
“Most Christians don’t even believe they can hear God.” I spoke.
“Most people are hoping to hear God.” He observed back smiling. I don’t think I took
him very seriously when he said it. I had limited my statement to Christians, he had expanded it
to everyone. Some time went by, and he spoke again.
“You are all hard wired to hear His voice. It’s in your instincts, it’s in your nature, it’s in
your mind, it’s in your heart, it’s in your spirits, it’s in your senses, it’s in your emotions. The
problem is most of you, even the ones who feel mature, don’t believe it. When you have these
amazing things happen in your family, career, hobby, you think you were the originator of it.
Think back to the decisions that led you to that awesome moment, to that breakthrough. There
you will find God!”