Promotion is a Process

When we pray for the provision of God to happen, we have to have ownership in the equation. That He’s enough. He’s good. He’s good in you, and it’s good for you. He’s good to you.  If God networked you with the best leaders for whatever industry you’re called to iit would not solve the problems because there’s something He wants you to grow in you. This is His nature, which comes in stages and process, because God’s love language is to give you a process to become like Him.


That’s why He spoke in parables, not direct ways.  That’s why when you hear from God, and you’re becoming frustrated saying, “Could you just say it clearly, God?” He is saying it clearly on His terms. You will start to understand the nature, not just the man who’s speaking words.  You will start to understand that’s where God’s taking you.  He loves the process! I had to learn how to bloom where I was planted, so that He could trust me in all the stages of what that looks like, and it would have killed me to give me a quick inheritance.


It would’ve killed you to give you everything all at once. He’s a good father. It’s His mercy to withhold some of the greater things until you’re ready for them. Readiness is knowing Him so well that He can’t help but come to you and do things for you and with you because you’re so fun to partner with. Doesn’t everybody want a fun friend? God wants a fun friend. No one likes a friend who’s a downer.  If I gave you a title today it would destroy you because you would have to maintain it more than you did. I’d have to build it for you because you don’t know how to.  It’s so important to be ok with the process knowing that great promotion is coming when we are ready!