Prophetic Intelligence Briefing

Cultural War against your discernment: The Emperor has no clothes Prophetic word:

I had a dream of leaders in industries, nations, and churches who were naked or partially clothed but they were acting like they were wearing the best outfit they could afford. It reminded me of an old story that is a parable for right now. It’s about an emperor who was more concerned with his appearance than his military or citizens. When two swindlers came to town who pretended to be able to make the finest clothes imaginable, the emperor was hooked like a fish to their claim and hired them to make him his best outfit yet. Unfortunately the swindlers didn’t know how to weave so they pretended to be weaving something so light and fanciful. The emperor’s minister didn’t want to go back to the emperor and claim he was being swindled so he went along with the charade and told the emperor the outfit was amazing. Eventually they presented the ‘outfit’ to the emperor which was actually nothing and he pretended to wear it and walked around the town. Everyone including the nobles told him how good he looked until one child screamed out, “But he has nothing on!” At that moment, everyone’s eyes were opened. “He hasn’t got anything on!” the whole town cried out at last.

The Emperor shivered, for he suspected they were right. But he thought, “This procession has got to go on.” So he walked more proudly than ever as his noblemen held high the train that wasn’t there at all.

Right now the insidious agenda of the enemy is to create wars, conflict, and despair over literally nothing. We are being conditioned and told to not trust what we see, hear, and discern. So much is happening that can be seen at face value that is either not being called for what it truly is, or is being celebrated prophetically.

We are seeing it with Fetterman who is running for office in Pennsylvania. He had a stroke and is still recovering which can put him at further risk to take such a high stakes office. Instead of the Democratic party acknowledging that, they are willing to sacrifice him for their agenda. We can also see it in the Republican Party with Herschel Walker who has so much moral ambiguity and problems with abuse, womanizing in hurtful ways, and compromise in his past. The Republican party is pretending these issues don’t exist so that they can have his seat in the Senate. Both candidates have no clothes on so to speak but the parties that be are saying they are ‘fully clothed’ and ready to go. At what cost to them, to us, to the people one has hurt or to the health of the other?

We can also see it in some of the tech industries on social media like TikTok. Tiktok is not just a friendly social media app but it is run by a Chinese company who sells the information you type into your account and literally scans your house looking for products you use in your videos to market to companies who want to sell you their products and use your information to make profit from you. But it’s just a social media company that is innocent right? Or what about PayPal who lost 6-9% of its value because it threatened to take $2500 dollars out of your account for misinformation you might spread but the misinformation is reliant on their team to determine. When Payal backed off of this fee, it was found that it is absolutely still in their documentation but under the title “Hate Speech.” They have done nothing to change but because they said “Oops,” they now have their ‘clothes on.’

God wants to empower us and speak to us, but His voice is limited when we don’t use the discernment and wisdom that He so eagerly gives us. If you shut your mind off to truth to go along with a narrative of culture you will inherit the bad fruit of that culture and your connection to God will suffer or cease to exist.

There are a lot of things that culture says are ‘clothed’ right now that are completely embarrassing and as we let God give us His eyes and heart we will see them and we won’t just cry out “This is wrong!” But we will see how it is a violation of love and His heart for family, marriage, community, and the world we live in.

Pray for God to fully open your eyes with discernment and believe that He is not just going to reveal negative things but He is going to allow you to get His heart and mind for what He wants to do.