Prophetic Intelligence Briefing – Winds of Change

I SAW THE WINDS OF CHANGE BLOWING AGAIN – Pentecost season is going to be a breaking open of the cocoon of change in your life

Change is uncomfortable but it is an inevitable part of life.  As believers, we are called to navigate the various seasons of change and transition with faith and trust in God’s guidance. The Bible is filled with stories and teachings that reveal the transformative power of God and the impact of embracing the changes He brings to our lives.

There is a season of change that God has been cocooning you for and you are about to find yourself coming out of this cocoon.

The Scriptures remind us that life is a dynamic journey, and change is an essential aspect of our growth and development. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 tells us that there is a time for everything under heaven, emphasizing the importance of embracing the various seasons of life. Whether it is a time to plant or a time to uproot, a time to mourn or a time to dance, God is actively involved in orchestrating these shifts and working through each phase to fulfill His Divine purpose.

What God is doing in you is something that you couldn’t have predicted so you don’t really have eyes to totally see it. John says “Blessed are those who believe who have not seen…” You are going to be blessed for believing that God is leading you into something new that you don’t even fully understand but you have said “Yes” to.

Isaiah 43:18-19 urges us not to dwell on the past but to look forward to the new things God is doing. He promises to make a way in the wilderness and provide rivers in the desert, illustrating the transformative power of God, who can bring about times of change and renewal even in the most unlikely situations.

I had a dream that angels were coming down from heaven through storms and in the darkest part of night and delivering trophies to people while they slept. I knew it was all about this very thing of rewarding those who are willing to believe for God’s fullness and for what God wants to do.  It was those who surrendered their agendas, where they lived, what their careers are, where they went to church and many other main plot points of life, to the will and Divinity of God’s plan. God is going to reward those who have made the surrender and the reward will start to come even before the change happens.

The Holy Spirit and the Winds of Change

It is almost Pentecost and I feel like just as what happened in the Bible, when the coming of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost marked a significant time of change for the early Christian church (Acts 2:1-4),  this Pentecost is going to represent a crossing over into the new for many believers.

The Holy Spirit is going to bring clarity around the Pentecost season for many who have followed Him into a lot of transition and change but still are in “the dark” about it. God’s voice and purpose is going to become clear and will guide and empower us through times of change. Keep yielded because often times right before these breakthrough moments begin to manifest in the natural, the enemy comes to short circuit the process or we get impatient and want to solve our own problems to jump out of the discomfort of the metamorphosis process. Trust Him! Hang on a little longer, your change is already coming!

The Bible is replete with examples of individuals who surrendered to the embrace of transition that God placed them in and experienced unimaginable results because they trusted Him. The stories of Abraham, Joseph, Ruth, Peter, and Paul demonstrate the incredible impact of surrendering to God’s plan and walking in the new paths He has laid out for us.

Abraham, for instance, left his comfort zone and stepped into unfamiliar territory, trusting God to guide him to a place of abundant blessings, greater purpose, and destiny (Genesis 12:1-3). Joseph, despite facing hardships and betrayals, remained faithful during his times of transition and ultimately experienced God’s favor and provision (Genesis 45:4-8). Ruth’s unwavering loyalty and trust in God’s providence led her to find favor with Boaz, resulting in an extraordinary lineage that included King David and Jesus Christ (Matthew 1:5-6).

Similarly, Peter and Paul, both from the New Testament, provide powerful examples of those who embraced the transitions God had for them. Peter, a simple fisherman, left everything familiar to follow Jesus and eventually became a key leader in the early Christian church (Matthew 4:18-20; Acts2:14-41, 3:1-10). Paul, once a zealous persecutor of the church, experienced a dramatic transformation after encountering Jesus and went on to become one of the most influential apostles and evangelists in the New Testament (Acts 9:3-6; 13-28).

The Cocoon Phase, a reminder: Transformation and Metamorphosis

We are in spring and caterpillars are all around. The process of a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly within a cocoon is the powerful metaphor for the Christian experience during times of transition. This metamorphosis consists of three main stages:

Surrender: Just as a caterpillar must surrender to the process of transformation within the cocoon, we must also surrender our plans and desires to God, allowing Him to shape and mold us according to His will.

Transformation: Inside the cocoon, the caterpillar undergoes a complete metamorphosis, being transformed into a new creature. Similarly, as we trust God and embrace the transitions He brings to our lives, He will renew and transform us from the inside out, enabling us to become more like Christ and fulfill our God-given destinies.

Emergence: When the transformation is complete, the butterfly emerges from the cocoon, ready to soar into its new life. Likewise, when we allow God to work in us through seasons of change, we will emerge stronger, more resilient, and equipped to step into the new chapter of life that He has prepared for us.

Many of you are on the cusp of emerging. It will be very light and you WILL have wings and you WILL fly.

Warning Against Resisting God’s Plan

Don’t give up, don’t resist God, don’t fail to listen even when you don’t understand. I feel like the story of Jonah serves as a cautionary tale in this season about the potential consequences of not surrendering to God’s plan and not walking out the transition He has for us. Jonah’s initial refusal to obey God’s call not only put his own life in danger but also endangered those around him (Jonah 1:1-17).

When we resist God’s plans and transitions, we may face hardships and difficulties that could have been avoided had we trusted and obeyed Him. It is crucial that we trust God in times of transition and change, surrendering our plans and embracing the journey He has laid out for us.

Throughout the Bible, we see numerous examples of how God uses winds of change, times of change, and seasons of change to shape our lives and fulfill His purposes. By trusting in His wisdom and guidance, we can confidently navigate these changes and embrace the growth and development that they bring.

If you have a declaration for this season let it be : I CHOOSE to follow God wholeheartedly, knowing that His plans are always for my ultimate good and for the good of the world around me (Jeremiah 29:11).