Prophetic Intelligence Briefing – Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare 
From Breakthrough Prophecies Prayers & Declarations Book

This is a big one. We all need God as a breaker for us at one point in life. As we follow our passion and calling to fulfill our destiny, the Bible models for us that the enemy who is out to destroy us was defeated by the finished work of the cross. We still wrestle but the war is won. Here are your keys for receiving God’s breakthrough in your life in the battles as you continually see He has won the war.

You are My greatest love, My greatest asset, My treasure among treasures. Anything that wars against you is My highest priority. I am the God of angel armies and I will commission all of heaven on your behalf. Whether the war is with sickness, finances, relationships, government, or anything else, I am coming, I will come, and I will work anything that has hurt you for your good [see Romans 8:17]. That means that what the enemy meant for evil against you will actually serve you. When people slander you, I will use it to build your reputation in others’ hearts. 

I will turn the seed of gossip into a favorable connection or multiply your reputation for every person the enemy tries to destroy it with. When people unjustly sue you, I will bring about blessings and connection from other sources while fighting for a justice that is even greater than your victory in courts. When your government persecutes you, I will walk with you and fight for you as you follow Me. I will fight for your name, reputation, and honor.

I will tenderly restore what the enemy is trying to kill, steal, or destroy. I have come to bring you the purest abundant life you can have. I want you to experience My grace, blessing, and favor on this side of eternity; it is yours now.
Just like Daniel, from the first time you humbled your heart before Me, I sent help. Even if it feels delayed, I am fighting your battle and I have never lost a fight.
To you the enemy is a dragon roaring, but to Me he is a worm. I am God and I will give you a roar louder than the enemy. I will cause the enemy to tremble for choosing to pick

God, train me how to fight the battle in front of me. Be my breakthrough and fight through me and for me. Let my fight not be against people but against the injustice of wrongly positioned powers and spiritual principalities. Help me to fight by bringing Your kingdom of love and power, not by shouting at enemies I don’t need to engage with. Teach me to use the words You used over demonic spirits: “The Lord rebuke you, Satan.” God who breaks through, rebuke my enemies. Cause the things the enemy meant for evil to serve me.