Prophetic Intelligence Briefing – Sound Mind

God Is Raising up People with a Sound Mind!

You know, there’s this struggle going on right now—a tug-of-war over our minds, how we see things, how we think, our inner values. But God is rolling up his sleeves and preparing people who’ve got a SOUND mind to bring some much-needed balance in key areas: our society’s culture, our ministries, and even the political arena.


Some of you who are these soon-to-be leaders had to fight intense mental battles. You had to lean heavily into your faith and personal journey towards mental health, to be strong enough for this moment. Others of you were raised in this beautiful greenhouse of healthy thinking and lifestyle. We need both kinds in our society’s battlefield, to help guide not only the faithful but also people from all walks of life towards God’s plan.


Remember 2 Timothy 1:7? It tells us, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”


It feels like there’s been an all-out attack on our minds these days, right? Mental health issues are skyrocketing in our generation. The amount of stress and anxiety that’s been put on us—from school, news, social media, even our friends—is something no generation has experienced to this extent before.


But in the thick of all this, God’s raising champions who’ll bring His perspective to the table. They’re going to reveal some truths and set up healthy boundaries, creating ‘before-and-after’ moments for our culture. Think of the way Martin Luther King Jr. shared his dream, how it inspired folks to pursue right thinking and created a collective dream for the future. God’s preparing people in issues that are prevalent right now. 


You may have a story that you never thought would matter, but guess what? It could help countless people find healing, breakthrough, and attain emotional, mental, and spiritual health. In this era, God’s going to use media, social media, and strong church communities to share stories of sound minds and healthy living.


While the enemy tries to create chaos, divide us, and foster deceit, God is sending warriors to clear the fog. They won’t be confronting the chaos directly; instead, they’ll embody the opposite—peace, unity, and honesty.


These champions will rise, much like Daniel, Joseph, Esther, and Barnabas did in their times. Amid the chaos and the confusion of their surroundings, they’ll leverage their influence and strong moral backbones. They will challenge everything that isn’t right and shake up everything that’s not rooted in truth.


Isaiah 26:3: “You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on You, Because he trusts in You.”