Prophetic Intelligence Briefing – Real Estate Vision


Today, I wanted to share something that’s been stirring in my heart. I have had a recurring vision of keys to real estate properties, both commercial and residential, that are being delivered into the hands of believers. Sometimes it is for lease but most of the time, it is for ownership. I saw keys being distributed spiritually and God wants to give you the faith for it right now.

I believe that there is a real estate anointing in this season and that God is up to something amazing, especially when it comes to real estate and property ownership for Christians. It’s like He’s about to unleash a tidal wave of blessings for His people to own significant properties in big cities, entertainment capitals, and government capitals.
Think of the story of the Israelites leaving Egypt in Exodus. God had this amazing plan to bring them to a land flowing with milk and honey (Exodus 3:8). Canaan was more than just a physical paradise; it was a place where they could worship God freely and experience their spiritual inheritance. God is releasing a freedom over the lands you have already apprehended and also giving you the ability to purchase, inherit, or acquire properties that you would never would have believed you could have!

Now, here’s the prophetic perspective: In addition to that, those properties that are already owned are going to come into a higher purpose as God gives strategy, design, and sets gathering points around these places. Whether they are churches, businesses, farms, homes, or studios, can you imagine the impact we’ll have?

God wants to use the properties we already have for their full purpose. He’s about to give us strategies, momentum, and purpose to turn previously unproductive spaces into thriving hubs for family, business, ministry, and revival.


There is a positioning of authority that is coming to brokers, real estate agents, and even lenders. God is setting people into place for some of the most purposeful projects you have ever worked on. Have faith that God is assigning His anointing to help you. Whether it’s to help families find a home or companies find their promised land, there is a new drive that God will give you to see your role from a kingdom perspective and not just as a job. God is raising up people in real estate who can get the job done, broker impossible contracts, and find the pearl in the field so that people can buy the right field to really connect to their God purpose in their properties. This is an important time to be an agent. God will be releasing many sign posts in lands and He will anoint people in real estate to see these lands and bring attention to what God is doing there, especially in properties that felt untouchable but are now becoming available for the purposes of God.


Finally I saw some Christians who were offloading properties, selling or giving away properties in obedience to God. That might be you, maybe you are stewarding a dead church but it still has a building and God is saying He wants it to have a legacy with another new church and it’s time to sow it in. Maybe you are someone with an extra house that has no use and God is telling you to sell it or to sow it into someone’s life. Maybe it’s a commercial building you have stopped using or an office space that you could sow. There is going to be an extravagant outpouring in real estate of generosity that is going to cause some of God’s purposes to go to another level because you said yes to sowing or selling at the right time!

So, let’s pray together and activate these promises in our lives:

Father, we’re just so grateful for the way You always have our best interests at heart. We know You’re the source of every good thing, and we want to step into this season of favor and real estate blessings that You have planned.

Lord, give us the wisdom and discernment to know how to acquire properties. Also for those who have them give us the full plan you have for the use of the properties You’ve blessed us with and the ones You have in store. Help us see the opportunities You’re creating and navigate them like the pros You’re equipping us to be.

And God, we’re asking for a supernatural outpouring of resources, connections, and divine appointments so that we can possess the land and properties that are part of Your plan for us. We’re claiming ownership and influence in big cities, entertainment capitals, and government capitals for Your glory.

As we embrace this season, help us stay focused on Your purposes and always use these blessings to advance Your Kingdom. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.
Check out these three scriptures that reinforce how God wants to bless His people with real estate:

Deuteronomy 6:10-11 – God’s basically saying, “I’m gonna give you awesome cities, houses full of good stuff, wells, vineyards, and olive groves—all of which you didn’t have to work for.”
Isaiah 32:18 – This verse paints a picture of God’s people living in peaceful, secure, and undisturbed homes. How amazing does that sound?
Psalm 37:22 – Here, we see that those whom God blesses will inherit the land, while those He curses will be destroyed.
Deuteronomy 8:18 (NIV): “But remember the LORD your God, for it is He who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms His covenant, which He swore to your ancestors, as it is today.”
Proverbs 13:22 (NIV): “A good person leaves an inheritance for their children’s children, but a sinner’s wealth is stored up for the righteous.”
Psalm 37:4 (NIV): “Take delight in the LORD, and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

Let us know what God is doing in your real estate journey and leave your prayer request about your real estate project for us!