Prophetic Intelligence Briefing – Provision Chapter

Provision for Finances & Resources (From Provision: PPD)

I am a Father, and it is My good pleasure to give you My Kingdom. My Kingdom is not just principles or theory. It is tangible and requires provision in nature. I thought of all the good works you would do before time began and I prepared a storehouse for you in Heaven that you can access by faith. Every resource you need to live the complete life I have given you is already available. My Son gave you the keys to the Kingdom, the keys to unlock these resources. They are already in your hands. Resources to do all that I have dreamed for you to do are available. Resources of family, finances, properties, technologies, relationships, anointing, gifts, talents, they are all in My heart for you. I don’t lack any imagination for what is needed, I know what you need. It was never My intention to keep you here just to survive, but to actually overcome. When you allow yourself to have the overcomer’s mindset that My Son demonstrated, you will begin to access the riches of My provision so you can treasure the riches of My glory. Everything that I have designed for you to do is so that My Son can inherit the fullness of His reward that He paid for on the cross. I will spare no expense in giving Him everything He died for.

You are a powerful part of this equation. Your life of love will cause His great reward to be realized. I have given you a people to love, a tribe. They may be in your family, your neighborhood, your industry, city, or country. They may be a marginalized group, a race, or the people behind social or environmental issues. I will give you everything you need to make My love a complete picture to them. Just like someone with great wealth would plan their children’s and grandchildren’s inheritance, as well as their footprint on the world beyond their family, I am planning everything for you and with you.

If there is a revival, there are powerful resources that go into creating it: real estate and properties, finances, music, labor, media, and I have already weighed it in full, preplanning the resource as part of the purpose. If there is a business that needs to be planted, I have already seeded your life with the connections you will need to manifest its fullness. Whether it’s an accountant or a subcontractor, cry out to Me and let Me show you how vast My love for you and My Son is. If there is ingenuity or a solution needed, I have already planted the answers to huge problems in your generation and they are attainable to the humble and pure. Finances were never supposed to rule your life. Resources were never supposed to be an oppressor over you, but I have given you the ability to overcome and powerfully steward everything I have created. You are called to be the master over the resources in your life, believing Me for everything that I put faith in you for. If you will accept My role as Father in your life, it comes with this kind of love. You will have to know Me as a Provider and as someone who has given you the ability to produce resources.

I am leading you down powerful paths that you wouldn’t have chosen for yourself. I see what needs to be developed in you so that you can steward all that I have for you, inherit My Kingdom, and bring My Son His reward. I love you and am building you up as an entrusted son to steward My Heavenly Kingdom with Me, on earth as it is in Heaven