Prophetic Intelligence Briefing – Revival Beginning

The birth pains of one of the greatest revivals is happening right now.

As the outpourings of God are rumbling in nations, the enemy is trying to distract and circumvent God but the glory is greater than the counterfeit.

We are seeing God move and the enemy is trying to pre empt or counter it with every step. But Jesus wins!

(It would be cool to have a picture showing each one of these to contrast them)
The devil showed up at the Grammys but Jesus showed up on the campuses.

The liberal agenda showed up in our movies, but every month for the past 14 months, faith based films ranked in the top three. This month is “Jesus Revolution.”

Wokeness showed up on football fields by not standing for our flag, but then a revival of prayer showed up in the NFL for D Hamlin that has already brought many to faith.

A political spirit showed up against the Supreme Court justices but then a case that had been prophesied about that was impossible to reverse was reversed: Roe V Wade. That along with a dozen other major victories for conservative values like securing the ability to pray in school, do business as a Christian with Christian values, express freedom of speech, and others are all miraculous!

Lawlessness showed up in the streets through violent protests and riots, but now evangelism is happening all across the nation in the same places.

God is flexing His arm in the nations right now and displaying that He still has purpose for our nation. He is giving us an opportunity right now to return to Him.

As satanist clubs are filling up amongst the youth, a report from the Barna group shows that 74 percent of teens want to know Jesus more and have a genuine hunger for Christianity.

We need to discern what God is doing right now so we can enter into faith for our own lives to be fully reconciled to Him. So we can live out of God’s great purpose for our lives.