Prophetic Intelligence Briefing – Finances


I had a dream and in it an angel was giving keys to safe deposit boxes to people in ministry and the marketplace. These keys had resources, finances, and even properties that were saved for seasons of revival and he was handing them out.  I saw calendars coming down and the keys were being released over a long period of time, so that something very large could culminate. What  is starting this year at  Asbury is going to multiply in some direct ways and also some things will start that are not directly related. I realized this would create a momentum because it wouldn’t be one place or space that experienced the revival Spirit of God but it would be multiple places and peoples around the world.


Revival is a powerful movement of God’s Spirit that brings a renewed sense of faith, passion, and zeal to believers and non-believers alike. It is a time of spiritual awakening, where people turn to Jesus Christ in greater numbers and experience a deeper level of relationship with Him. But revival also requires great resources and finances to bring about the opportunity for people to be introduced to Jesus and Christianity.


God is calling His people to be faithful stewards of the resources and finances that He has given them. He is releasing people into finances and provision in abundance so they can help fund the revivals that are coming. These resources are not just for personal gain or comfort, but for the advancement of God’s Kingdom on earth. As believers invest in the work of revival, they are sowing seeds into the spiritual harvest that is to come.

In the Bible, we see examples of God providing the resources needed to fund His work. In Exodus, God instructed His people to give generously to the construction of the tabernacle, which was a place where God’s presence could dwell among them. The people responded with such generosity that Moses had to tell them to stop giving! (Exodus 36:5-7). Similarly, in the book of Haggai, God called His people to rebuild the temple, and He promised to bless them and provide for their needs as they obeyed His command (Haggai 1:7-8, 2:19).

In the same way, God is calling His people today to be generous and faithful stewards of the resources and finances that He has given them. He is providing for those who are willing to invest in His work, both financially and through their time and talents. As believers come together to fund revivals, they are not only sowing into the spiritual harvest, but they are also experiencing the joy and blessing of partnering with God in His work.

God is doing great things in revival, and He is calling His people to be a part of it. As believers invest their resources and finances into God’s Kingdom, they are sowing seeds that will reap a great harvest of souls for Jesus Christ. Those who have been faithful stewards of all that God has given them will also receive the blessing of revival for their households, businesses, communities, and families. 


Your keys are coming!