Prophetic Intelligence Briefing – Navigating the Choppy Waters of Discernment in a World That’s Lost Its Paddle

Navigating the Choppy Waters of Discernment in a World That’s Lost Its Paddle

Today, we’re diving into something a little spicy—living with faith and encouragement when you’re blessed with the gift of discernment, and it seems like the world has joined a circus you definitely didn’t audition for.
First off, let’s talk about being a “discerner.” It’s like having HD vision in a standard definition world. You see things others don’t: the good, the bad, and the downright bizarre. It’s like being able to see the WiFi signals—knowing there’s a lot going on that affects everything, yet not everyone can see it. And let’s be honest, sometimes what we discern is more confusing than a plot twist in a soap opera. “Why is everyone applauding the emperor’s new clothes? He’s in his underwear!”
But here’s the kicker: While we’re busy discerning what Satan and his buddies are up to—throwing parties we definitely don’t want an invite to—it’s easy to lose perspective on where God is. You might even find yourself asking, “Is this the director’s cut of reality? Because I don’t remember signing up for this.”
So, what’s a believer to do when they can spot a spiritual faux pas from a mile away but feel like they’re yelling into a void? Here’s the game plan:

1. The Double F-Filter: Faith and Funny
Apply the double F-filter to everything. Got faith? Check. Can you find something hilariously absurd about the situation? Double check. Remember, humor is God’s way of helping us digest the tough stuff. Like, “Hey, did you hear about the guy who tried walking on water and only got wet feet? He forgot to ask for help from the One who’s actually done it.”

2. The Eagle’s Eye View
When you’re discerning all the ground-level madness, it’s time to get some altitude. Eagles don’t worry about the chaos on the ground because they’re soaring above it. Ask God for the eagle’s eye view on the situation. It’s amazing how different things look when you’re reminded that God’s working on a 4K resolution plan, and we’re just watching the trailer.

3. Dial-A-Prayer: Hotline to Heaven
Feeling overwhelmed? Put that discernment on the line and dial-a-prayer. God’s got unlimited minutes, and He’s always ready to chat. Plus, His advice is better than any life coach’s advice. “Feeling down because you see too much? Let’s focus on what I’m doing. Spoiler alert: It’s good.”

4. Be the Light, Even When You’re the Only Bulb in the Chandelier
Sometimes, being the one who discerns means you’re the solo bulb in a dark room. But remember, even the smallest light can make a big difference. You’re not just a light; you’re a disco ball, reflecting God’s love in a million directions.
So, my friends, let’s strap on our spiritual goggles, keep our faith handy, and remember that even in a world that seems to be competing in the “How Crazy Can It Get Olympics,” we have a God who’s not only the judge but also the coach, and spoiler alert: His team wins.
Let’s walk through this world with our discernment dialed up, our faith fuelled up, and our sense of humor fully charged. Because at the end of the day, God’s got this—and He’s got us, too.