Prophetic Intelligence Briefing – For Wealth Creation

Wealth & Creation from Provision Prophecies Prayers & Declarations Book

God has spoken all through the Scriptures about blessing, prosperity, wealth, and abundance. He has finances for every project, business, family, and purpose. He would never give you the purpose without pouring out the resource. He wants to train you to reign, which is your eternal position. I had a vision of the river of God in the book of Revelation. It has trees planted by it that are always in season, they bear fruit twelve times a year. The river itself is teeming with life and as clear as crystal. It is a picture of our eternity with God; there is fullness. He wants to provide clarity to you. He wants to provide fruit in all seasons. He wants to provide healing all the time. He wants to provide abundant life in you and around you. He put Adam and Eve in the garden to tend and steward it from the beginning because that is who they were supposed to be: managers of the abundance of God’s creation.

Ezekiel saw this river as well, and he prophesied about it. He
used all the same imagery, but he also talked about entering the river. The more faith he had, the deeper he went, until it was over his head. He was speaking about the blessing of God that
will overtake His people if they enter the river. He also saw the river draining all the way to the Dead Sea, which is the lowest sea in the world with no outlet. It is dead with salt. Ezekiel saw
the living river running and purifying the dead river. As you lean into God’s provision, industries, businesses, and world systems that have died or that are not a source of life, it will be redeemed and become teeming with God’s abundant life. Jesus saw this river and said it springs up from within our own belly.

He shared the parable in John 7:38 because He knew you would be the temple that God has chosen for His Spirit to dwell in. His river comes from His work within you. God has called you to step into the river. He has provided tools inside of you, opportunities outside of you, and prophetic insight to help you create wealth and resources. He has dates already marked on your calendar for divine appointments that will make history in your life. He will bring you into opportunities that make sense, but also opportunities that you would have never pursued or imagined or even felt qualified for or interested in. But you will know these opportunities are from Him.He wants to multiply your capacity to create resources with Him.

For many, as a Provider, He has multiple streams of income per household and you are not stuck with just one opportunity.Imagine if your natural father was the richest man in the world
right now. What if he was presented with the best investment and business opportunities, but he only revealed to you one little business that created mediocrity in comparison to his vast world
of wealth? What kind of father would do that to a willing child? Your Father owns all the cattle on a thousand hills and He wants to sow resources into your life. Like the parable of the talents, as
you are faithful to create resources, He will multiply your efforts in ways you couldn’t even expect.

The hyper-wealthy just want to be wealthy for the comfort and the pride of life. God the Father is giving you the desire to steward all the resources you can so that you can bring Him a great
reward at the end of the age. He wants to entrust you because He knows you want to change lives, help the hurting and broken, touch the poor, see cities built, labor over transformation, change industries, and build ministries that transform the earth with His goodness.
How can He resist the heart He put within you? He loves your love for His Son, Jesus, and He wants to promote you because of it. That promotion will come in the form of
stewardship. That stewardship is going to bring responsibility over resources and finances.

For some of you, it is time to come out of poverty. It is time to come out of survival. It is time to come out of disparity. It is time to come into an overcomer mindset. For others who already
have a measure of wealth and resource, just like in the parable of the talents, the Good Master, our God and Provider, always multiplies what is multiplied. He is going to bring you a greater
measure. He will give you the talents of those who buried them in the ground. He is calling you into breakthrough provision—provision that can become a river of blessing to others.

I see you in the river, and it’s time to get over your head in the abundance of God and heal every Dead Sea in this world that you are called to aim your love at. God, Provider, give me every resource that I can carry so I can create wealth and provide for others. You call me a child who is worthy of Your abundance both in eternity but also here. You are entrusting me with resources that can change nations, heal poverty, and transform industries, cities, neighborhoods, and families. I invite Your living river to come into me from Your throne,
from my intimacy with You. Speak to me about Your heart for nations. Speak to me about Your heart for my generation. Share Your secrets about the ones You love and how You want to reveal Yourself—in the greatest way in history—and You will spare no
resource to do it. Jesus, I invite Your living river to flow out of the place You are
enthroned within my spirit.

I pray that the river that comes out of my calling and destiny brings fruitfulness in every season. I ask that You fill my time with Your abundance, my relationships with Your new life, and my finances and resources with everything You need me to apprehend for Your glory.
Heal me of any negative relationship I have with wealth, prosperity, or abundance. If those have become a trigger to my heart, touch me and free me from anything that is false. If I have had ego regarding the provision You have already provided, or a wrong love of money, convict my heart. Teach me that Your provision is not about me, it’s about You and Your love. Help me
to be sacrificial in the midst of wisdom. Give me opportunities to sow resources, give extravagantly, and help others succeed as I lay down my life and serve them. God, my Father, my Provider, I want to partner with You in Your plan to resource the earth. I want to thrive in You, and I know this will bring blessing. Help me to never repent of Your provision or blessing in my life. Help me to never have false humility when

You answer my prayers with real answers that have tangible results. Help me to glory in You and not the provision. Help my heart to stay steadfast even when it is challenged more by Your
goodness than it was by loss or suffering. Train me in the ways of abundance. Teach me in the ways of wealth creation. Disciple my inner man to be a firm foundation of faith for Your abundance in all the areas You are calling me into. In Your beautiful name and nature, I pray.