Prophetic Intelligence Briefing – Plus Early Sale!


The Holy Spirit has an assignment on the Earth right now to set up relationships in communities, organizations, companies, ministries, and government that will bring promotion of purpose, deeply connected stabilization to mainstream issues, long lasting families, and connections that can’t be bought or developed without Him. He is raising up relationships that will not be pulled apart in the coming world conflicts and scandals. He is putting a family culture in His people so that we can weather the storms.

Proverbs 17:17
A dear friend will love you no matter what,
and a family sticks together through all kinds of trouble.

The Holy Spirit is setting up networks of friends with a motivation of not just working together but knowing one another and having each other’s backs. He is shifting spheres of influence and relational circles. Relationships that would take a decade to develop the level of trust and authentic vulnerability are going to happen in a year. There is an acceleration of relationship building for realignment of influence all over the world.

I had a vision where I saw a net being tied together and each knot was a relationship that God had aligned or was aligning to be a strong piece of a net. This net was the Divine set up for the next worldwide move of God. Relationships are the main commodity of God’s move of love through Christianity, relationships are the key to kingdom resources, and God is resourcing people in such a strategic way right now. Your faithful and loyal commitments to friends, partnerships, churches, your city, your neighborhood are going to bear so much fruit as God harvests the influence in the seedbed of love you have planted and cultivated.

In God bringing alignment to relationships many people just like you are feeling a shift in your friendship groups, in your church circles, in your business relationships, in so many different spheres. I also want to remind you of the pivot word from last week that many of you resonated with about some people even moving locations around their city or country, or a change in business or church.

This shift is from God and is going to bring you into a place where He is going to use the net of relationships through marriage, family, friends, partners in business or projects, connections that He is breathing on in this season. What He is setting up is going to resource you and you are going to find yourself being a resource center for your relational circles, for other companies or ministries, for other families, for social issues, and for the government.

Some of the people who can’t be reached directly through a mission or local church will have no problem opening their doors to you as you are relationally grafted into their life through a project, a business, or another relationship.

John 15:13
Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

You won’t lay down your life for a stranger or for someone you don’t have a connection or calling to. God is aligning people who will sacrifice greatly for each other, who will believe in each other, who will support each other.

God is promoting your relational circle but you have to be open. Open your heart because your core friendship circle might be shifting, or have some additions. He may be calling you out of relationships that felt so meaningful, partnerships that you thought would last a lifetime, agreements that you believed were for longer than they are turning out to be. Your working relationships may orbit around new people and circles of influence. Don’t resist the change and also allow God to reveal people who have bad intentions and motives, people who don’t fit into your life in this season, the energy drainers, those who have codependent tendencies that will not respect your boundaries. These ones will entrap your energy in the coming relational move of God. Ask God how to realign these relationships. Be proactive because you need your full relational capacity in the next season.

Proverbs 13:20
Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm.

God is going to allow you to see people for their full potential, their true identities. These are people that you will invest in relationally into who they truly are so that when they “become” they will have the right support system around them. This is also happening for many of you reading this as well. People are seeing you way past your actual value to the world right now, they are beginning to treat you in a way that will upgrade your faith and help you as you are transforming and transitioning into the calling God has for you to influence and be a voice.

1 Corinthians 5:11
Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

I pray over God’s relational alignment with you and and I pray you will have a fresh anointing over your connection in family, business spheres, church relationships, and especially romance, whether you are unmarried waiting on God for your spouse or you are married and need that fresh connection!

I want to encourage you to do a little homework. Write down all your core relational friends, your relationships that are in your sphere of influence for your calling/career and write down what the value of that relationship is and one of the challenges it has. Then ask God for alignment over that relationship.