Prophetic Intelligence Briefing – 2023

Prophetic Warning: as imparted spiritual hunger in the core of humanity and because of that, the enemy is raising up counterfeits to fill this spiritual hunger with false miracles and spiritual focuses that don’t lead to life. There is a rise of people getting demonized from movies, social media, astrology, tarot and ouija boards and most of these things you can find in magazines, online, in movies, and in conversations. We have to keep our spiritual guard up but even more we have to expect that God wants to do more in our lives then these counterfeits ever could.

Some of you may not know that you have let a wrong spirit come into your life, but one of the ways you can recognize it is in your own inner dialogue. Do you have a voice that you listen to in your head that is demanding and intense? Does your inner voice sometimes make you feel guilty and ashamed in a way that feels compounded or deeper than what you feel other people experience? Do you have a voice that feels almost like a lust for things or like a raging desire to watch or do things that are perverse? Do you have a voice that tells you to self harm?

These voices are the counterfeit to what it is like to walk with God and this is a demonic influence that you have somehow let in or that has been passed down through your family line. You can EASILY close the door or break their influence if you ask the real and living God through the powerful name of Jesus to be the only Spirit living inside of you and to be the only voice in your Spirit besides your own. If you fully give Him everything, He will show you what these voices are and how to get rid of them.

They are really weak substitutes for a powerful relationship you can have that is very real and very amazing with God. Maybe you were never told about this part of Christianity before, maybe you have read the Bible but not realized that God wants to fully live inside of you and help you everyday to empower in you in every area of life. Whether it’s your identity, your health, your decision making process or creativity, knowing God is like having the best coach you have ever had and the most advocating parent for everything in your life. I want to encourage you to give Jesus full access to your inner life and see what happens! You can start by reading the book of John but do it with your spiritual eyes open to how Jesus talked and interacted with the world around Him because He is still here today with the same love and the same wisdom.