Prophetic Intelligence Briefing – Prophetic Words for Rest of 2023


Creative projects/inventions being commissioned:
God is commissioning creators that He has been preparing. There are literally people all over the world who are going to receive their “GO!” or “Green Light” when it comes to starting a creative project, invention, purpose.

We have been watching creativity advancing in a lightning pace in technologies like AI, electric cars, technology, and even entertainment but there God a lot of what God is incubating in believers for His plans is about to “hatch.” Even before the end of this year we are going to watch believers who move some industries forward with technologies and projects that they have been stewarding for a while.

In Exodus 31:1-5, God filled Bezalel with wisdom, understanding, and knowledge in all kinds of crafts to make artistic designs. Today, similar creativity is burgeoning rapidly in fields such as artificial intelligence, electric vehicles, technology, and entertainment. But the divine schemes being nurtured within believers are ready to “hatch,” reminiscent of how Mary carried the promise of the Messiah within her before His arrival.

It is also a time of launching creative projects to give Chrisitans voices. Like the apostle Paul using the written word to influence the early churchChristians are going to invade the media, commentary, news, entertainment, youtube, tiktok spaces. Many are being called to start this year still. Make the podcast, write the book, start the youtube show, create the curriculum, write the script, make the music, its time.

Accusers having the finger pointed back at them:
God is going to put on public display some justice when it comes to both false accusations but also partial accusations where people are being treated like their mistake is more wrong than the person who is accusing. We are going to see some vindication being released. Even in some of the most prominent positions politically, pastorally, in entertainment, anywhere there is authority we are going to see victims of false accusation get caught up in their own web of deception, and those who have brought confusion will be hit with a spirit of confusion and we are going to see influence lift off of many people who were operating out of a dividing spirit or a spirit of accusation as God gives them over to their own delusion and it implodes. We will see people who have been going through legal issues, reputation assassinations, and even just petty division get absolved and vindicated and even when the vindication isn’t as public as the accusation, we are going to watch God fight the battle of reputations for people that His favor rests on and it will be so loud that the accusers (who may still be accusing) will feel like whispers. God will even use accusation for the good of those who love Him Romans 8:28 and it will serve to bring about more favor in the long run.

Psalm 37:6: “He will make your righteous reward shine like the dawn, your vindication like the noonday sun.”
This scripture reminds us that God is the one who brings about justice and vindication. As sure as the dawn and the noonday sun, He will ensure that righteousness shines forth and vindication occurs.

Finances, deals, projects that have been delayed will have a sudden breakthrough:
There is going to be a sudden breakthrough for many projects and deals or even finances that are earmarked for purpose that have been delayed.

Even as there is a global banking crises and fear in the hearts of humanity when it comes to currencies, banking, and recession God is releasing Kingdom finances for Kingdom purposes and we are going to watch an alignment of people who will resource each other with purposes, ideas, finances, and there will be an EXPECTED breakthrough. resonating with the words in Hebrews 11:1, “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” Even though its timing remains uncertain, our faith anticipates God’s movement. Yet, some have been waiting so long they have become dormant, much like the parable of the ten virgins in Matthew 25, where some fell asleep while waiting for the bridegroom.

Just as the Israelites experienced a miraculous deliverance after a long period of bondage in Egypt (Exodus 14), so too will these initiatives experience a sudden change of fortunes.

God to move but some people have been waiting so long they are almost asleep. God is going to create miraculous momentum and what feels like an eternity of waiting will quickly turn around. As in the story of Lazarus, who was brought back to life after four days (John 11:38-44), what feels like an eternity of waiting will soon experience a quick turnaround. And as assured in Isaiah 40:31, “But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength,” so will these delayed projects gain new momentum, soaring on wings like eagles.

Well friends, as we wind down today, let’s take a moment to reflect on these prophetic perspectives we’ve been unpacking. You see, it’s a bit like seeing the thread of a divine narrative woven throughout our lives.

So, if you’re one of those creators out there, brimming with ideas and innovations, be ready! You’re on the brink of launching some really exciting projects. I mean, think about it, it’s like you’re gearing up for your “go” moment, right? It’s this beautiful blend of creativity and divine purpose, and we’re all on the edge of our seats, waiting to see what you’ll bring to life.

Now, for those of you feeling the sting of false accusations, hold on tight. Remember, God’s got your back. He sees the truth, and He’s not about to let falsehood have the final say. Just like in those incredible stories in the Bible, there’s a real promise of justice and vindication coming your way.

And if you’re in that place of waiting – maybe you’ve got projects, deals, or finances that have been delayed – don’t lose heart. Breakthroughs are often just around the corner when we least expect them. It’s a bit like the calm before the storm, but in a good way! We’re talking about a storm of blessing, of progress, of doors flying open.

So, what should we all hope for as we navigate through these prophetic perspectives? Well, it’s a bit like what Paul says in Romans 15:13, right? We want to be filled with joy and peace as we trust in God, so that we can overflow with hope.

With these prophecies in mind, let’s continue to fuel our hope, knowing it’s not misplaced. No matter what comes our way, we can trust that God is working on our behalf. He’s molding us, refining us, and guiding our lives according to His plan. We may not always see the whole picture, but we can trust that He’s piecing it all together for our good and His glory. So, keep trusting in His process, even when you can’t see His plan. That’s the faith journey, my friends. Keep pressing on, and until next time, stay hopeful.