Prophetic Intelligence Briefing – War over Thoughts

Prophetic Warning for 2023 – The war over our thoughts

There is a war that God is winning right now and it’s a war over mental stability.

The enemy has bound up and chained people by instability through humanistic concepts and false identities. He has used everything from sexual identity, political identity, to racial identity, to polarize and separate people.  His master plan is to bring division not only to people groups but inside someone’s very core. 

God is activating His people though and inviting us into one of the greatest moves of His kingdom expanding in world history. We have to believe in this time that He can change us and that He can change the world. If we don’t believe that God can change us or if we don’t allow Him to show us what we need to change, we can miss what God is doing this year.

THE THIEF HAS STOLEN BUT GOD HAS A PLAN TO MULTIPLY BACK TO HIS PEOPLE: God is about to have His people take back everything that has been stolen. This year He is going to open our eyes to areas we have allowed the enemy to steal and many are going to realize how bad the robbery was in their personal lives, families, careers, cities, countries and more. This will move many to surrender different areas in their lives where they allowed things they thought were “ok, normal, or not that bad” and God is going to reform people’s lives. 

God is going to allow the thieves to be identified so we can apprehend them. Even in culture there will be the capture of several high profile political leaders, crime syndicates, and entertainment leaders who will be caught stealing on a level that will shock the world. These events though, will be a sign that the thieves are being exposed. We are going to prevail! 

Proverbs 6:31 “But if he’s caught, he still has to pay back what he stole sevenfold; his punishment and fine will cost him greatly.” ‭TPT‬‬

The warning I have is that we have to come into a right mindset right now because the war is a mental war and so much mental illness is being advertised as healthy and rightness. God has given us His Spirit which brings us a sound mind.

2 Timothy 1:7 “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

We are going to see the mental instability that has been tearing at the fabric of morality and society and even people with mental deficiencies are being promoted as healthy get exposed not only through Christian thought but we are going to see new studies through neurology, psychology, sociology that show that choices that are looked at as “good” and “normal” just don’t add up. Science will even publish papers that will unhinge some of the leading arguments of the enemy. 

We are going to see a veil torn off of some of the individuals who are some of the loudest voices in areas that are bringing mental instability as they have public breakdowns that they can’t instantly come back from. God is not allowing those that have mental imbalances that are destroying their lives in private to succeed in public when they are coming against His plans or using their platform to oppress His people. Watch even what happens to some who come against Israel even if only philosophically. 

If the enemy can’t kill a person he wants to bind their minds in ways that they can’t live in freedom. If we go along with the narrative of mental oppression we will become oppressed. 


  1. Pray for mental strength and stability and do the work you need to get there. Meditate on the Scriptures that help you build your healthy inward self. 

  2. Search yourself and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal if there are any narratives you have gone along with that are not from Him that are stealing from you. Maybe its an identity issue or maybe its a pattern in your life of addiction or disconnect. Let the Holy Spirit convict you of any iniquity which means wrong belief patterns in your life.

  3. Keep being a spokesperson for truth, but also don’t engage battles with other people that aren’t important. Use your energy for battles that God is sending you to win, not arguments that are wasting time. Fight with truth as weapon but go after love as the goal.