Prophetic Intelligence Briefing

God is going to resource projects in a time of recession that use this tool: 


God is raising up voices right now that are going to last for decades. He is going to bless, promote, and resource projects that have to do with people who are called to be a voice. 

This voice might come through song writing or authoring, media or entertainment, politics or ministry, business, tech or social media or other areas of influence.   The key is pursuing the projects even though it feels like this is not the wisest time to work towards them because of the instability of the times we’re in.   I believe that God is going to do something that only He can do in this season!

God’s timing for you and your voice is perfect even if it may not look like it in your life right now.

God has not just prepared something in you but he has been preparing your industry for you. He is going to surround you and equip you with the tools and technology you need. He has already created your audience for you. 

You are going to see as you move towards this project and towards your voice being released how much God has already done the groundwork. He has already prepared a place of favor for you. He has already gone before you.

Don’t be afraid, prayerfully trust your instinct. 

We are seeing the next generation of Christian voices emerging in ministry, the arts and entertainment, media, government, business, and missions. This is going to be one of the greatest times of establishing Christians in a visible authority in modern history. 

Why do you think there has been so much intolerance against Christianity? Why do you think your own personal battle has been so contentious? Where there has been enduring fatigue, God will flip it around to become enduring resilience.  The fruit of what you are about to walk out because you say ‘yes’ to be HIS VOICE will impact generations to come! 


Shawn Bolz