Prophet: Chiefs Super Bowl Is Sign of End-Times Revival

According to a prophetic word from Bob Jones, the Kansas City Chiefs would at some point win the Super Bowl, and when they did, it would be a signpost to the church that revival is imminent. 

Let me tell you where this came from:

In 2003, I took an internship group I ran from Kansas City, Missouri, to Moravian Falls, North Carolina, to meet the late, great prophetic voice, Bob Jones. I had already spent some time with him but wanted him to impact our young leaders, who were spending nine months with us in a spiritual boot camp.

During our session with Bob, knowing we were from Kansas City at the time, he asked, “Do you all like the Chiefs?” Several of our interns, including me, were very football-oriented; one had even played college ball. Bob then shared how one day the Chiefs would win the Super Bowl, and it would be a sign that God was raising up his apostolic chiefs and revival would be imminent. He also shared about the coming revival of over 1 billion souls that would all come to Jesus in one generation.

Bob shared this revelation again in coming years with us and others, sometimes referencing a prophetic word over the Royals, sometimes talking about some other signposts, but he ended up relationally telling us (especially when we were ministering or talking to football players) the Chiefs word.

Years went by, and the Chiefs hadn’t been Super Bowl-connected for so long that I lost track of the word. Some people ask, “How come you guys didn’t keep better records of this word?” Honestly, it’s because being with Bob was like being under a fire hose of revelations, and this was just something he said over and over, so I thought it was one of his well- documented words. I know some of his close friends heard him say it over the years (James Goll, Bobby Conner, Bob Hartley and others) while his widow, Bonnie Jones, and close friend, Mike Bickle, who are definitely some of the main stewards of his prophetic ministry, were never with Bob when he said this. This is part of what we are believing to raise up: More stewardship of even the less commonly shared words that can bring great encouragement to the body of Christ.

The good news is that last night, the Chiefs won the Super Bowl. I want to point out a few things.

1. God is raising up people with greater authority than ever. He is releasing the “key of David” (Isa. 22:22). One of Bob’s favorite prophetic numbers was 222 or 22:22. He often had things come up on Feb 2 in his prophetic life, and I was with him twice on Feb. 2 (02-02) in different years where he prophesied some powerful things unrelated to this word. The fact that this win happened on 02-02-2020 is such a picture of one of Bob’s long-term words that the key of David, the key of intimacy and prayer, was going to be given to a generation. It was the coach’s 222nd win. The number kept appearing in different ways. This in itself was a Bob Jones signpost that I think created a party in heaven.

2. This win happened on the 33rd day of the year, with 333 more days of the year left because it’s leap year. One of Bob’s favorite Scriptures was Jeremiah 33:3 (NIV), “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” This win signifies that God is about to answer us and bring solutions to complications that we just can’t solve without Him.

3. Evangelists are being raised up on the largest platforms ever known to man: Another thing to point out is that Kanye West, a recently converted evangelist, felt led to go into Miami the morning of the Super Bowl and hold a service. West’s event was held at Bayfront Park Amphitheater at 11 a.m. Sunday, hours before the San Francisco 49ers’ and Kansas City Chiefs’ kickoff at 6:30 p.m. Rich Wilkerson Jr. preached, and during the service, an altar call for salvation was performed, and witnesses felt there was a real drawing.

If you told most people two years ago that Kanye West was going to be leading some of the largest Christian events and services as a worship leader and minister, especially before large secular events, almost no one would have believed you, but here we have a stadium evangelist being raised up in the same time period as the prophetic word about the Chiefs winning the Super Bowl was fulfilled.

4. Bob shared about “apostolic chiefs” being raised up. We didn’t get to hear a lot of what this meant, but it felt important that people who will move government to build God’s movements and plans in society, ministry and all spheres of influence are going to be more directly appointed to positions of authority. Think Joseph and Daniel.

5. Kansas City itself was one of the main themes in Bob’s word: The last thing to point out, according to Bob Jones’ friends with whom he shared this prophetic word in Kansas City, there was a lot of focus on the word for Kansas City itself, mainly that the city would become a place of great homes, and reformers of industries would move there, and there would be a transformation in the city

I don’t know what the fulfillment of a word like Bob’s that is so general will look like, but I am keeping my eyes and heart open especially to share my faith with those around me who would be hungry to hear, because as Bob once defined, revival looks like lives being shared in love.

Shawn Bolz is host of Exploring the Prophetic Podcast, TV host of Translating God on TBN and Exploring the Industry on CBN News, and author of Translating God and Breakthrough Prophecies, Prayers and Declarations.

(Thanks to Justin Allen, James Goll and others for posting their memories of Bob Jones’ prophetic word or their prophetic perspective.)