Partner Update 2022

Merry Christmas! We are so glad that we get to do life and ministry together with you and what a year it has been! 

We are praying that God will bless your Holiday season and as we have increased our prayer for you and all of our partners I got a prophetic picture and so your gift that you are opening isn’t just a normal thank you, it’s a prophetic thank you!

I kept seeing God putting a pen in your hand and that 2023 is going to be a year of writing, signing, and empowerment in your authority! Whether it be contracts to sign, legal papers to finish, a patent to draw up, books to write, scripts to author, or songs to release, this pen is being given to you with much prayer that God brings a release and breakthrough for all that you are working on. I believe He wants to push some projects forward for you and for some He is going to finish up legal issues, immigration changes, family documents, and even goal setting. We hope that as you hold this pen that it will remind you that God is with you and that He has given you a new measure of SPIRITUAL authority! 

We also wanted to send you a picture of our family that you can either keep, or plant into your yard or garden to remind you that we are growing together and that your love towards our ministry has given us the ability to grow into what we are today and also to have faith for our future.

Lastly we wanted to give you one of the first opportunities to attend classes or events that we produce online so that you can see that aspect of our ministry so we are giving you a code that will give you online access for the next 3 months to attend 3 different classes and 3 different events along with the whole back catalog of classes and events. We hope you enjoy them and feel free to give us feedback! You can click HERE to claim your first 3 months on the Academy!

We are praying that your Christmas and New Years season is filled with HIS presence and love. We thank you for being on the journey with us and we are so excited about 2023 and how the Kingdom is spreading through our ministry because of your generosity and prayer!

Shawn Bolz & The Bolz Ministries Team