Love is the Key!

ETP- Twin Cities Prophetic Conference

Title: Love is the Key!

It’s just love! I’m not only praying for, “Souls, God. Souls! Souls!” I’m praying for God to help me fall in love with everyone that’s in this world that I come in contact with. Help me to fall in love, God. Help me to love them the way you love them!  In the Gospel of John, he reported Jesus’ great prayer in John 17. Jesus was praying, “Father, I desire them to love one another the way that we love each other,” because it will change everything!  Let them be with me in this love. Let them see you because when we see where the Father is we see His original intended form of what we’re supposed to look like. He thought of each one of you for millions of years before you were born.

This has helped change the way I prophesy because I was in the church for a long time.  I was prophesying, “You will be a worship leader, and you will be an apostolic person. You will come and change the world. You will be the next Heidi Baker.” I haven’t said anything like that in so long. I’m not saying those are wrong words. That would be awesome if we had another Heidi Baker. It would be awesome if we had another Apostle being birthed. There are people who are called to prophesy those things.

The only way I know how to position my heart because I can’t perform to make it happen is to pray: “Help me to fall in love today, God. Whether it’s with my family, if that’s who I’m spending time with or if there’s a divine appointment or assignment. Help me to fall in love even more.”  I want to encourage you today to ask God to help you fall in love with those you have been called to.