God’s Original Design

I was in a dreamlike vision, and everything around me was so hard to understand. Was I
standing inside of the most beautiful painting come to life? Was I living somehow inside the
melody of the most majestic song? Where was I?
“You are seeing the “before,” a voice came next to me. I didn’t understand but there was
a Euphoria that made me feel like every one of my cells was vibrating with God’s glory.
After a while I could see a vision, and I knew it was parabolic or not literal, but God was
allowing me to see something. I saw the Trinity, all three of them, the Father, Son and Holy
Spirit sitting around for lack of better words, a table, but everything was a little blurry, almost
like I wasn’t supposed to be able to see in fullness.
We were up in this area that felt like clouds, rain, lightning, but very soft and harmless.
“This is the firmament that God hovered over everything He created in this place,” The angel
I noticed Jesus the most. Thank God I couldn’t fully see Him, He was so awesome I
would have felt like I was going to die. He held something almost like a 3D hologram picture in
his hand and it was in the shape of a human being and said, “Look at this one, can you imagine
what she will do when she discovers what we have put inside of her? Isn’t she awesome?!” He
slammed his other hand on the table and jumped up.
The Father laughed a bellowing laugh, not like what we picture Santa, it was beyond
jolly, he found so much joy in Jesus’ fascination and love for this human.
“You have said that about all of them,” He said out loud. I realized that behind the Father
and Jesus there were billions of these 3D images of humans hanging by beautiful strings. I
looked for the end of the strings and it made me emotional to see it: the strings were intermeshed
with the Father’s heart. They were part of Him in the deepest part of His core.
They were so brilliant with light. Jesus grabbed another and held it up between the three
of them and they all communed and imagined and planned over the person. They planned their
identity, their joy, their sex and physical form, their relationship capacity. Then their talents,
their skills, their imagination and dream life, their potential. So much care, so much creative
expression went into this process. I was seeing the Artist of all artisans at work, and it felt so
Then they did something that felt extremely holy and I was watching the three of them
carefully install something of their own will and imagination into the person. “There it is,” Jesus grinned. The Father let his hand wander over the heart of the person who wasn’t alive yet but
was fully alive in His imagination.
The angel next to me whispered. “They just predestined their image, nature, and
His quiet words hung in the air.
Even though it was the most fascinating thing I had ever watched, the Godhead dreaming
of a human and molding His nature into this tiny vessel, I knew it felt like eternity was flying by.
I looked at some of the spirits of men and women I could see close to me and realized that they
had each had the equivalent of millions of years or their own eternity go into their creative
process that dreamed them from the imagination of God into their potential existence. It was
As they all passed around the one they were working on, I could see their imaginations,
dreams, and desires carefully writing the DNA of this person they held. Have you ever seen a
masterpiece from a famous artist? Can you imagine watching a time lapse of their process? We
get to see that sometimes in a minor way through social media, but this was such an artistry that
no one in the world could read this and fully understand what God Himself put into humanity.

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