God cares about funding your dreams! 

God cares about funding your dreams! 

Yes!  God wants to speak about finances! For every destiny and purpose that God’s given us, there is always a resource with the finances to accomplish it.  When you hear from God, you start to see impossible tasks that you’re called to, things you couldn’t do in your own strength and because of that, it creates a faith gap.  In the prophetic, you are going to speak about things that could not happen in the natural or your current circumstances, but would only happen in your belief in God that He could produce those things. 


Hear my story of moving to Los Angeles to start a church….and we had very little support.  We moved out of the faith that God gave us.  The rent was insane, but we felt God wanted us to look higher.  We found a house that we knew was the house God wanted us to have!  The homeowner believed in us enough, that he let us rent the house!  Then God provided the finances for the house!  God sent us there and there was a resource for it!  


When God speaks to us about resources, we need to partner our faith and take steps in the now.  There will be faith, belief and traction with it and He will respond by giving us God resources. 

I’ve encountered people who get a hold of the prophetic and it becomes a power conductor of faith, but also creates a desire for influence versus wanting to hear and see what God is doing right now.  

There are seasons you will hear God about different things, don’t exaggerate it….but dream big!

Finances are not evil!  They help to give us a temperature for where our faith is.