A Spiritual Perspective That Will Shape Your Faith for the Coming Move of God


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About the Book

Encounter will help you encounter God in such a way that you are able to walk in His original design for you, which is to not only commune with Him through conversation but to be aligned with His mind. When you share His thoughts and perceptions, you will be able to live the abundant, supernatural, super-empowered life God desires for you.



“Wow! This book is going to be one of your favorites of all time! Encounter, A Spiritual Perspective that will Shape Your Faith for the Coming Move of God! What we need to today is divine encounters. Moments of glory when Jesus comes and reveals more of Himself to us! Divine encounters will increase more and more as get closer to the end of the age. Shawn Bolz has left us with his legacy of his very personal encounters, so that we will be hungry for our own. Gripping stories fill these pages, true stories that will grip your heart. These encounters have shaped Shawn’s life in God, and they will imprint you forever. Get ready to be rocked and transformed. May you experience Encounter as you read this book!”

Brian Simmons

Brian Simmons

“As I read through Shawn’s new book “Encounter…” it felt like a tuning fork to bring readers into resonance with the fundamental frequencies of God’s heart. Like when Peter fell into a trance, his theology got adjusted, his beliefs about people were corrected, and his assignment was given. In this new book, Shawn is laying out a series of encounters that have not only shaped him, but will do the same with our present generation of believers. This book will help you perceive what God does, so you can do what God is doing. I believe it will also pull you into more of your own encounters with God, and I’d recommend reading it with that in mind.”

Seth Dahl Ministries

Seth Dahl

“There has been so much talk and thought on the crises, we’ve accepted as everyday life…but maybe the real crises is the gap between what we’ve accepted as our real-time reality and what is biblically available. I’m so excited that my great friend Shawn Bolz has written this timely catalytic piece that will bring perspective, hope and fuel for partnering with what Heaven will release in this hour. The “Encounter realm’ is opening up over the nations and the activity of the Kingdom will increase. Shawn is uniquely qualified to write on this subject, based on his life and experience. This book will be a classic and will be a measuring rod for the next move of God! You need to get this read this right now!

Sean Smith Author of “Prophetic Evangelism” and “I Am Your Sign”

“Wow! This is a timely word and a necessary charge and encouragement. In Shawn’s new book, Encounter, he details what God has shown him and what He feels God is speaking right now. We live in a strange and often discouraging time, but this is a word to bring hope and stir up faith for what is ahead. I highly recommend this book!”

Kim Walker Smith

Kim Walker Smith

“There is a deep hunger rising to experience the presence and power of Jesus like never before, to prepare for His soon return and live our lives poured out before Him. Shawn’s book Encounter, stirs up that hunger, and brings fresh vision to our walk with Jesus and our ministry to others. I highly recommend this book to encourage your own journey with God, that we may each bring Him Glory with anointed fruitful lives.”

John Arnott John Arnott | Founder Catch the Fire

Bob Hasson
“If you loved Keys to Heavens Economy, you will love Shawn’s new book, Encounter! Encounter takes the reader on a profound journey with Shawn’s beautiful and vivid visitations and visions and will expand ones understanding of the heavenly realms. Faith will be increased, peace will be found, hope will abound as the pages unfold into an epic series of parables, scripture and teaching. This book is truly a great read, I enjoyed it immensely.”

Bob Hasson Bob Hasson- CEO HPCI, consultant, speaker, coauthor “Business of Honor”, “Wired to Hear”, author “Shortcuts”, Exploring the Marketplace Podcast cohost with Shawn Bolz

“All it takes is an encounter with God for your life to be forever changed. In his new book, my good friend Shawn Bolz shares astonishing God-encounters and biblical truths that will stoke your hunger for more of God. I believe Encounter offers a glimpse at the spiritual reality behind the words in 1 Corinthians 2:9: “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.” If you want to know more of God’s heart and His plans for your life—and if you want to live out your faith with a keen sense of hope for the future—this book is for you.”

Ché Ahn Dr. Ché Ahn President, Harvest International Ministry Senior Pastor, Harvest Rock Church, Pasadena, CA International Chancellor, Wagner University

Congratulations to Shawn Bolz on his latest book release. Shawn continues to be a bridge between the entertainment industry and the radical raw power of the growing church. His work with entertainers and business leaders gives him a unique vantage point. I’ve known Shawn for some 13 years and have been impressed by his articulate ability and his extraordinary prophetic insights. He does a great job in breaking down complex issues and giving practical understanding.

David Yarnes

Shawn, once again, translates God to us in a way that only he has the ability to do. This is a modern day Final Quest filled with prophetic imagery and insight to what God is speaking to this generation. He has masterfully related personal encounters he has had with God inviting us into the same encounters. I’m grateful for Shawn’s faithfulness to the prophetic ministry. You will be deeply impacted and blessed by this book.

Michael Miller Upperrom/Lead Pastor

Encounter is all about divine connection with God’s nature as He sees it in fullness of life. Being made in God’s image and according to His likeness is the primary purpose of His Kingdom on earth. Our sonship with Jesus permits and provides for us to walk with God at increasingly higher levels of relationship and fellowship. That enlightenment produces an alignment with God that empowers us to see what He sees, and to know by experience all that He is longing to reveal to us because Jesus lives in us, and the Spirit of wisdom and revelation guides us into all truth.

I have always enjoyed Shawn and Cherie’s journey into the majesty of God’s love, the vastness of His presence, and the all embracing beauty of His nature. This book fits that profile. It pulls on your spirit, it tugs on your heart, your eyes become wide and your mind is opened to all of the majestic realm that you belong to because of what Jesus did!

Graham Cooke brilliantperspectives.com

“Chapter One is one of the most inspiring things I’ve read in a long time. A great way to begin a very interesting journey.”

Rick Joyner

Rick Joyner Senior Leader of Morningstar Ministries

About the Author

Shawn Bolz

Shawn Bolz is a TV host,  Author, Producer, Spiritual Advisor and a Christian Minister with a top Christian podcast – Exploring the Prophetic and best selling books including Translating God. As an internationally known prophetic voice who has ministered to thousands—from political leaders to those on the streets—Shawn shares everything he has learned about the prophetic in a way that is totally unique and refreshing. Shawn aims for the higher goal of loving people relationally, not just pursuing the gift or information, and he activates you to do the same. He has been leading conversations in the church, entertainment industry, and in social justice that have helped believers connect their faith to culture in a transformative way.  Shawn is passionate about seeing individuals and groups learn how to be the most connected best version of themselves through their relationship with God. Shawn is also the founding pastor of Expression58, a family focused church in Los Angeles CA where he lives on an urban farm with his wife, Cherie and their two daughters.