“Discerning the Heavenly Realms”

I am going to give you an encounter-based view of what most Evangelical theologians
believe but because it is experiential some of it may not be exact but will help you relate to it.
This would not be anti-Biblical, but it would be considered extra Biblical, meaning I am keeping to the basic tenants of faith that the Bible inspires, not straying or adding truth but trying to give you my experience of that truth. The angel who was with me put his hands over my eyes and they opened up to something that was so familiar but was so new at the same time. “God created a space between Heaven and Earth, which is the place where Angels were always intended to interact and be at work. It’s not that it was ever supposed to be invisible per say to man, but it was supposed to be looked at through the connected eyes of love with God so that it could be understood. God never intended that we angels to be a butler service to you, but he created us more as beautiful stewards of all that he created. Like the human body has billions of cells that work in harmony that define and help its life, angels are like beautiful living cells that make up the system of creation, working together to keep His will and connection going forward.
I could see just that. This spiritual plane looked like it was an intricate communication
between God’s nature in heaven and the Earthly realm that I could see. It wasn’t like sci-fi or fantasy in my imagination but a very clear process that if we could break it down scientifically it would even make sense…. if we had the science or understanding to break it down with. It was even more brilliant than anything I had seen on the Earth.
As I looked around, things would overlap here to the Earth, like almost as though you could draw a curtain and see the visible realm instantly. I wanted to see Los Angeles from this place because I love it so much. Spiritually we looked at it and it was wild! I looked down at one of my favorite areas, Hollywood, and I could see that in this realm all history was imprinted almost like a computer where you could just see everyone who ever lived there, their history and impact on everyone else, and everything that had ever happened. All information was here like it was a historical database that could be accessed instantly. History couldn’t be hidden, both good and bad. When I looked at one living person, I could look here at what was like a root system of history, looking down long lines of their life and seeing everything about them, every choice they had made, the parents and relationships they came from, even the country of origin. Then I could see that country’s origin. The information that was held here was so exhausting to my mind that I closed my eyes. “Everything that ever happened in your timeline is imprinted here.” The angel smiled and I realized that in this place between heaven and Earth that history itself was unveiled and powerful but also tragic and broken. I felt overwhelmed by it. I guess I think as a western world human I feel like most of what happens in our life, choices, and history isn’t that important, is just gone after it happens but when I looked here, I could see the how every choice created its own root system that would inspire new choices even if not good ones. I could see whole issues over specifically America and where they had started, not that I could ever articulate what I was seeing but just as Adam and Eve made a very clear choice that led us here, I could see other choices that different people made that empowered so much evil and delineation from God’s master plan. I could feel the hope of God’s heart in this, but I couldn’t see it in the structure of what I was looking at. History, the way I was seeing it, seemed ugly. “You are looking and then trying to process with your humanity not with your Spirit that He gave you. That is how most believers discern here.” The angel had compassion on me, but I didn’t yet understand what he was saying. “I have to show you more.”