Angel Encounters

God has assigned angels to each of us! Today I’m going to talk about one of my encounters with an angel. One summer when I was in high school, I was taking care of a couple younger boys. I was driving my car across a busy street and was hit by another car. It was a very hard hit!  I was in shock and bleeding, one of the boy’s was crying and the other was completely knocked out. A man in a white suit came over and told us to get out of the car quickly. I grabbed both boys and got them out of the car. We didn’t know who the man was, and didn’t see him again after that.

A woman then ran over, and couldn’t believe how we got out of the car because the space we crawled through was so narrow. The cops arrived and we were taken to the hospital.  During the transportation, all of our injuries started to heal.  By the time we arrived at the hospital, we were all almost completely healed. God helped us get out of this situation.

In the Bible there are hundreds of scriptures about angels. God is the God of Angel armies. In Matthew 4:11 – angels came and ministered to Jesus. Angels are ministering beings helping God to fulfill His purpose for all eternity. They bring solutions, supernatural resources and connections and we are called to ask God for angelic help.

Many of you may have had angelic visitations and encounters. Send the God of angel armies to go before you and help you, ask for angelic help from heaven. Just like God helped those in the Bible, He will help you.