5 Things Shawn Bolz Learned From Hosting One of the Most Popular Christian Podcasts

I am entering my official third year of hosting the Exploring the Prophetic podcast on Charisma Podcast Network. I can’t believe we have had over 3 million downloads!

Here is what I am learning:

1. I am growing in faith. After hearing stories about God speaking in such profound ways about  everything from disaster relief to the music industry, I am realizing I need to expand my faith with what the God of the Bible is capable of. When the Bible says, “faith comes by hearing” (Rom. 10:17a), I can see that my imagination of what is possible through God and each individual person is incredible. Hearing from all types of Christians who are walking with God in their own unique way has increased my faith for what is possible in my life.

2. God is not just speaking to Christians. Some of the stories, like Cindy McGill’s about going to do dream interpretation for people in the porn industry, all the way to hearing from the businessman who invented Frog Tape—about how his friends and family all had an open vision together (even the ones who didn’t know Jesus), have been incredibly eye-opening.

3. God is assigning people everywhere; no corner of the earth is going to be unreached. People have assignments from God that I am glad I don’t have! Like Robby Dawkins, who has been bringing the gospel into the Middle East, risking his life to see Muslims converted. Or Lance Wallnau, who had such a specific prophetic word about President Trump that he now is a media figure working alongside the faith coalition and the president. Or Jay Owenhouse and family, whom God led into the entertainment world with tigers and a traveling show as an illusionist, and who is seeing people saved all around the globe. We need each other!

4. God is maturing even the mature to a new level. I have been amazed by everyone’s vulnerability, not just over their longtime salvation stories, but over current stories of having to overcome and believe God for more. All of us are growing, and I love how the mature leaders of the body of Christ were willing to share not just their triumphs but their struggle in hearing God’s voice—John and Lisa Bevere, Bill Johnson, Graham Cooke, Jennifer LeClaire, Kris Vallotton, Rick Joyner, Che Ahn and so many others.

5. Hunger is the currency of hearing God. Whether it’s the Todd Whites who are known to the Christian world or someone like Joshua Silverberg who is known to the music industry, the only way to keep hearing from God is to stay hungry! All of those I interviewed modeled such a current, passionate love for Jesus that keeps them in prayer and connected to intimacy with God. It made me so much hungrier to have that connection each of them does. I felt like everyone I interviewed was provoking me to stay hungry and believe God for more personally.

I am so looking forward to keeping the conversation going and bringing it to new places. One of the themes the Bible reveals over and over is that when God speaks, there are many things that break through instantly. This season, I am getting the chance to ask people in our interviews how what they have heard has brought breakthrough to their lives or the world around them, and the stories are amazing!

Thanks for those of you who have been a part of listening, subscribing and sharing these podcasts; and thanks to our host, Charisma Podcast Network, for believing the conversations and podcast are important to have.

Happy New Year, and let’s keep listening to God