Join Shawn Bolz & Bob Hasson on May 4th for this special Wired to Hear Edition – Launching God’s voice into your career, life and influence. Join us along with Marketplace Influencers: David Yarnes, Ed Rush, Lauren Hasson, Pedro Adao, Steve Chua and Tony Kim.

What if marketplace people will be the focus of the next move of God that will bring millions into the Kingdom? God is going to use believers in the marketplace as the front-liners to culture. That means the stakes are really high and the war is very great, so we can’t go after this in our own strength, wisdom, or power. We must build with spiritual tools so we can bear natural fruit that has spiritual implications over lives.

We believe God has given each of us a mission on planet earth and He created you to do something amazing for Him. God made you unique so don’t act like a copy. He gave you something epic to do and the score card is: God gave you this mission, now you get to do it!

Here is what you will receive:

  • Teaching with Shawn Bolz
  • Teaching with Bob Hasson
  • Teaching with Ed Rush
  • Teaching with David Yarnes
  • Teaching with Lauren Hasson
  • Teaching with Pedro Adao
  • Teaching with Steve Chua
  • Teaching with Tony Kim
  • LIVE Q&A Portion with Dozens and Dozens of Give-Aways!!!