When God’s Thoughts Fire Into Ours


I have long been fascinated by 1 Corinthians 2:16:

“We have the mind of Christ.”

I find this especially interesting in light of the word of knowledge gift that we believe is being fully restored in the body of Christ at large. 

I have been studying neurology for a greater understanding of how this wonderful gift works. Since we have the mind of Christ, our minds seem to intersect with his. We get downloads, impressions, or thoughts that intersect with his huge, heavenly, loving thoughts, in much the same way as our smart devices receive “updates” to their processors. 

As soon as I started to go after words of knowledge, I started to receive revelation differently than when it was only coming to me in creative pictures or dreams (that had to be interpreted for encouragement). At times, when I receive revelation in this season, I feel like I am getting a direct link to the mind of Christ, and I can feel, hear, or imagine his thoughts and wisdom about the world around me. It’s like an overlap between his thoughts and my thoughts, and all of a sudden I am downloaded with wisdom that I would never have had without a spiritual transfusion.

I became hungry to understand this more, and one day, while reading a popular psychology book, I saw a reference to a neurologist/therapist who has popularized some really wonderful neurological ideas. Since then, I have been studying neurology in a loose way. I have read a few dozen books to try to grasp this incredible field, because I find the revelatory process in it: I can see a similar process to what we are experiencing in our spiritual development.

I believe that neurology holds the same functional patterns as spirituality. Our mind’s ability to process information is a prototype that helps us understand how our spirit processes information. The brain is the only organ in the body that is developed by social interaction. Neural pathways form as neurons fire in our brains, based on different life experiences and ongoing education. Neurons create pathways that grow the network of our intelligence and thoughts, connecting our conscious thoughts together in more effective ways.

Our neural network throughout our brain is the most complicated thing that God makes, besides the universe itself. Even in creating artificial intelligence, we can only mimic the complicated process. We can’t recreate even a fraction of the sophisticated brain patterns and neural interface that God freely gives us.

As I started to research neurology, I realized that the spiritual always parallels the natural. Just as we have a neural network that all of our neurons, or brain energy, flow through to create connected thought between our living organs and systems, we also have a spiritual internal network that God’s Spirit flows through.

One of my favorite studies demonstrates how interacting with others affects both parties neurologically. Sometimes, when we have a deeper connection to someone because of a topic we care about or because we’re close, our neurons mimic each other and form similar, or almost the same types of, neural pathways in our brains! Some of this kind of thought can be found in The Neurobiology of “We,” which is about a new field of thought in the neurobiology community by a doctor named Daniel Siegel.

This way of studying the brain can also be found in Interpersonal neurobiology. The brain is a social organ, developed and changed through interactions with other brains. Neurons that “fire together wire together,” strengthening neural connections. I think that spiritually, we form covenants or spiritual connections in the same way. Strong neural connections become neural pathways and neural networks. This experience-triggered neural firing is how all neural pathways become patterns of response, and how all structures of the brain mature. This is how all patterns of attachment are laid down in the brain; it is also how they can change.

Think about the parallel to our spirits and God’s! As we get cultured with God’s heart, read the Bible, and connect to what he is saying, his mind and our mind begin to wire together! It is not just an invisible thing; our neural network expands.

And with other believers? We share biblical foundational ideas combined with God’s heart, and all of a sudden, we have a spiritual network inside that comes alive — one that spiritual neurons travel down to create a deep life in God’s Spirit together.


We are sharing the mind of Christ in much the same way that Jesus did with the Father. We should have expected it, because he prayed for it himself (in John 24:17 — Father, let them be one as we are one).

This access should be so exciting to us, because that means all God’s wisdom, knowledge, counsel, and understanding is available to us; and every day, our minds can become more and more like Christ’s together.

Shawn Bolz