Top 5 Hints for Taking Risks When Giving Prophetic Words

  1. Use common language, and feel free to ask questions. The old model of the prophetic was very demonstrative. People felt like they had to speak from God—“The Lord says unto you…”—but in all reality, we are called to connect God’s heart with people. What do you do if you don’t feel like God is saying something directly and you instead have a picture or a thought to communicate? Is it any less valuable? No, but the presentation will require more of a relational model. “I feel like God might be showing me something for you,” or “I am getting a spiritual feeling. Does this mean anything to you?” are ways to begin a process when you are growing. I have no problem admitting the fact that I hardly ever hear God in direct ways. It is always pictures, word puzzles, or parables. I am trying to catch up to what he is saying, and that is okay! We all learn from each other’s relational processes, not just the words themselves.
  2. Give what you have even if it’s incomplete. Sometimes God gives you enough to feel his presence and a “Go!” on sharing something but not enough to be complete. He is clever this way and loves to give you more as you take a risk! Sometimes he leaves things out so that you discover them together with the person you are trying to interact with or pray for. It creates a sense of wonder of his presence and keeps you from being confident in yourself; it instead grounds your confidence in his Spirit inside of you. Just start somewhere—that is the point! Take a risk, and then ask God for more! Revelation can be progressive.
  3. Don’t get in the way of yourself! Use emotional intelligence, and don’t get chatty just because you feel insecure. Reground yourself in the biblical truth of God’s love. Become present with the fact that HE is present! Choose to be as clear and kind and normal in your approach as possible! If you ground yourself in your identity and what it feels like to be normal, you won’t feel like you have to be someone else.
  4. Go after words of knowledge! Try to get words of knowledge like Jesus did for the woman at the well (or any other number of times). Make a little list; ask God each one, and see if he answers. HE MIGHT! For example, what is their name, what is a date that is important to them, what is something they are gifted in that you love about them, who are some of the people important to them, and what do you love about them? These little questions can help you to not draw a blank when you feel the presence of God. He speaks John 10:10; he knows us by name, and we know him!
  5. Believe that God wants to speak to you even more than you want to hear him! There are so many scriptures where Jesus promises God will speak or encounters where people hear God that are supposed to be an example to encourage us that a relationship with God is interactive! You are called to hear his voice! John 17 was a prayer of Jesus where he literally prayed that you would encounter him and be one in relationship with him! Relationship takes a conversation and trust. The Bible is one part of it, but Jesus also promised the Holy Spirit to guide us into all the relationship that we could hope for!

Take risks and believe! You might just change someone’s life, and you will definitely be changed yourself!

Shawn Bolz,

Author of Translating God: Hearing God’s Voice for Yourself & the World Around You!