When Cherie and I started Bolz ministries, we wanted to help people of all ages do two things:

1) Hear God’s voice,
2) Through a thriving relationship with God, learn how to live a connected life—present and cohesive with themselves and the world around them.

Because I was already ministering in the prophetic space, our ministry had a primary focus of highlighting the benefits of hearing God. We have been doing this through events, providing resources, and doing media spots.

We are happy to begin to focus on number two as well this year. Cherie is a life development teacher and loves to focus people on becoming the best version of themselves. I have a passionate heart to see the journey of people’s personal transformation turn them around to then create transformation in their societies and, ultimately, the world. To me, the prophetic gifts just help us to fall in love with God, ourselves, and our world, so these two emphases go hand and hand.

We slowed down our travel schedule so we could regroup and really pray into producing media and television resources that would meet these goals in a broader way than being in conference circuits could. It has been so fulfilling to work on shows like Dreams & Mysteries, and God Adventures with Darren Wilson (I am featured in season two on TBN). Even more exciting is that we’ve been working on our own show and e-Courses that we’ll launch later this year and next year. 


Thank you for partnering with us, because you have given us the courage to walk out our promises with real faith. We have a long way to go to transition into our new life with our own branded media and events, but we are able to take deliberate steps thanks to you. The events we have sponsored or hosted have been so amazing, as well as the TV shows we have been a part of. They seem to have had a real impact so far, and we have just barely touched the surface of what we feel called to. 

As a partner, our fruit really is your fruit! The salvations, influencing people all over the world to take brave steps in hearing God’s voice, and the children we are helping to disciple through our new curriculum are all things we have only been able to do together with you! 


Cherie and I were able to purchase a property (we have been telling you about it), and it has a very unique feature: It has a soundstage! We can actually film from the back of our property. We are going to take steps this year to develop and renovate this amazing space so that we can use it and also help people we are connected to realize their own dreams with it. Your partnership has traction! You are building a studio with us! 

We are so grateful to you. Whether you are brand new to our partnership or you have been with us for the long haul, just know we pray for you, we love you, and we need you!


KIDS’ EVENT REPORT: Growing Up with God Kids’ Event was amazing! We had over 430 kids at the event between the ages of 7-11, and they were exposed to our new materials. With them coming from so many churches and backgrounds, we weren’t sure how this brand-new curriculum would land in a one-day seminar, but it was awesome. Kids were prophesying, getting words of knowledge, hearing God about their own lives, and we even had dozens of salvations. What a marking time for kids!

CHARISMA MAGAZINE: If you subscribe to Charisma, you’ll see Shawn featured on the March cover with a full editorial spread. Thanks, Charisma, for the opportunity!

BETHEL.TV E-COURSE: There is still time to start our Bethel TV e-Course on Translating God! Check us out at

STUDIO 5 & 700 Club: We are being filmed this week to be featured on some of CBN’s shows. Pray for us and for this to really connect with their audience. 

NEW BOOK ON WORDS OF KNOWLEDGE: Shawn is writing a new book that has a May release date on developing a lifestyle of hearing and giving words of knowledge. This won’t just be about getting words for others, it will take readers on a journey of hearing God about everyday issues that affect their businesses, families, and governments. Pray for us as we work on the e-Course that goes alongside this exciting book, as well as the workbook!


Bolz Ministry Team

Shawn Bolz
Director Bolz Ministries