The Filmmaker

I was sitting in the middle of a writers’ group in Hollywood among screenwriters responsible for many of the major films and TV shows celebrated in our culture. These Christians were meeting at the behest of a wealthy philanthropist couple to have a time of peer-to-peer engagement. They had invited my wife and I so we could pray for them.

I could see in my mind a spiritual vision—a parable, so to speak—over one of the men there in particular. I saw an angel taking away a set of keys that were small, normal keys to a building and giving him a big key, which I knew was for his own purpose in life. I took that to mean he was probably working on everyone else’s project, but that season was stopping and it was time to work on his own.

I approached him after the dinner. We had never met or heard of each other. I asked him what he was working on, and he told me about some of his past work but said his current project was complicated. I asked him if he would be open to hearing my spiritual experience (vision) about him, and he was eager to hear it. Even though he didn’t have a frame of reference for spiritual experiences, it made total sense to him. “Today, the project I am working on got shut down, and the studio even took my keys. They said they are shutting down our whole department. We had to move out today! It was so surreal, but instead of being upset or discouraged, I have just thought about my passion project and how I need to take some time to write it out and shop it around.” He told me what it was about and it sounded amazing.

I explained to him that God had given him the idea for his project, and that when God authors something in us, it is our job to partner with him as the finisher of it, to ask him for creativity, and to work hard on giving the idea time to develop. I encouraged him not to run past his God-given passion project.

I got to go see his film in 2017 and it was amazing. Not only did he write it, but after sixteen years of writing, he also directed and coproduced it. In our few minutes together two years earlier, he discovered that God had put keys inside him that would give him a different outcome in life than working for another organization. He was a creator and originator and needed to open his own company, and God brought him the provision and talent to do it. These are parts of heaven’s economy that get unlocked in us as we take a passionate journey of faith in God’s dreams for our lives.

There are keys to heaven’s economy, and we need to have a biblically based understanding of how to unlock them for our lives.