September Partner Update!

Hey, Bolz Ministries family!

We have some great things happening that we want to share! You are with us on this wild, beautiful journey of watching the heart of God change the earth in our corner of activity.


Cherie and I have been on a crash course watching our greater destiny unfold for the last four years. Every month seems to pull more God activity, and more of the “greater” we have been believing for all along, into our lives. As a matter of fact, so many of our lifelong prophetic words have begun to manifest over these past four years that we are on a “God’s goodness” overload, and we are fully enjoying the journey.

But in that journey, we are also realizing that for every breakthrough, you need more breakthrough. This isn’t to say it’s always hard, because it’s not. It means that when the children of Israel got into the Land of Promise, there was just as much work to do there as before, but they were now working for their own promises, and had a greater joy in possessing their inheritance.

We are seeing that in everything God is doing, there is such a joy in possessing inheritance, but … there are wars to be fought in the Spirit to fully possess everything God is sending to us. Maybe some of you can relate?


We tell you the prophetic story on the update video, but God has helped us into a ministry/living property and we are about to close escrow. Every step of attaining this property has been tricky, but God gave us favor and showed us it was ours. We know that it is going to deeply root us into LA, and we are excited to have a base for all things that we are doing in life.

Pray with us for the final steps and then the remodel so that we can use this very unique property in a new configuration for our living and ministry. (It has two separate spaces on the same property — one for living and one for our office and team.)



Wow! One of my favorite moments was when one of our friends, a multi-billionaire, took a platform at a private, invitation-only meeting called Miracles in the Marketplace. He shared for over an hour-and-a-half about a prophetic paradigm for doing business and creating a testimony of activity that only God can do. He shared practical steps of walking out the prophetic as a high-powered business person. It was absolutely the best talk I have heard on the subject. The people there were mostly new to his perspective, so when we hosted a ministry time, it was mind-blowing for many of them.

Then we ministered at the City Singapore church, a church full of young entrepreneurs, and they also host a house of prayer for the city. Julian Adams was with me — one of my favorite prophetic people in the world. I loved watching God give them new blueprints and set them up for their long-term future as a church!

We also ministered at Cornerstone Church at all their services, and it was an extremely hungry crowd. We will be back with them for their Kingdom Invasion conference next March.

Lastly, I ran over to Malaysia and did some services with our new friends at Kingdom City Church, KL. It was one of the hungriest groups I have been to, and I can’t wait to spend time with them again.