September Partner Newsletter

Happy End of Summer! 

We have been busy getting our God Secret’s word of knowledge book, workbook, and ecourse launched and its been amazing to mentor people in the Christian world on revelation. The fire of God’s love based approach to prophetic ministry is raging through Christian communities all over the Earth and we are hearing the most incredible reports of people who are taking radical risks to see transformation happen through encouraging their world with God’s voice.

Cherie and I were talking about how wild God’s process to lead you when you fully surrender is. We both had given God the reigns before we were married and when we wed we also committed our marriage, family, ministry, and business to God and boy does He take that seriously! I feel like when you give Him a life of surrender He makes an exchange with you: What you could have accomplished in the midst of your strengths and weaknesses for what He can do when He adds His strength to your life. The result is beyond what you could imagine. 

Surrendering our lives to Jesus goes way beyond our salvation moment, as you know. It is the daily exchange of saying “I have a will and agenda of how I think this day should go but I give it to you and allow you to work any of your purposes in my time even if it means I have to adjust my expectations and goals for yours.” Why is this an important thought? Because we are not self made men or women when we say “Yes” to following Jesus. We are submitting our lives to be governed by His will and agenda, trusting even when it looks opposite of what would be our normal or hope filled goals that He has a bigger plan to make us thrive then even we do. 

A lot of people talk about the price you have to pay to walk in a blessed life, it is true but the blessing far outweighs the price when you see Jesus at work. 

God has been asking us for another level of surrender and He has been even hijacking our time with new plans, dreams, and blessing. This takes all your adaptive energy, your strength, your core to submit to a new measure of trust and rest in Him or you will just burn out. 

Some of you can relate to what I am talking about here, but all of us get to a place of total dependence on God to move in our lives, or we risk being stuck where we are. I pray for you this month, that whatever He is asking you to surrender to that you would see the value and count Him worthy of the price. He is our great reward and He is so worth it! Thats why angels cry out “Worthy! Worthy!” because they stand in the fullness of their value as they worship His. 

Shawn & Cherie Bolz