School of Open Heavens (by Shawn Bolz, a 7 mp3 set)

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Have you ever wondered what heaven was like?

Do you wonder what other’s saw when they have had these types of experiences? Like Stephen when he was being martyred and saw the Heavens opened and Jesus standing at the right hand of the Father. Or even modern day examples of Believers who have seen glimpses that have changed their world around them?

Did you know that this is the desire of God at work in you and that He desires you to be face to face with Him more then you ever could? In John 17:34 Jesus prayed that you would be with Him where He is. He prayed it first! This message series is an intensive on living under an open heaven. Shawn teaches how the desire to be with Jesus now and for eternity is our divine motivator in life. He describes what it is to be expanded by the nature of Christ and how to experience an open heaven in real life for normal believers. He also breaks down common misconceptions and imbalances to revelatory misunderstandings about experiencing heaven. As you take this class, you will understand the language of open heavens both theologically and philosophically  You will be set up in your faith to being to cry according to the desire of of heaven to see Jesus face to face. You will learn to be expanded by your faith to manifest the substance of heaven on earth.

Message series by Shawn Bolz

Senior Pastor of Expression58

Author of The Throne Room Company, Keys to Heavens Economy, & The Nonreligious Guide to Dating

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