Growing Up With God Book & Workbook (English)

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Join Lucas and Maria and friends on their everyday adventures in friendship with God!

Lucas knows God talks to him, but he would have never imagined that he would hear such a specific thing about his year . . . and could Maria really have heard God about her destiny? They both have to wonder if God speaks to kids this way. Over the months that follow, God begins to connect them to other kids that grow into friends. Who could have guessed that by the end of the year, their lives would be so exciting!


Learn how to hear God’s voice & Grow Up With God with Lucas, Maria, and their friends.

Everyone can grow up with a real relationship to God where we hear his voice and know him like a real friend. This workbook will help you learn how. In each section that relates to a chapter in Growing Up with God, you’ll find:

-A reminder of what was in the chapter
-A true story from a kid your age about how he or she encountered God
-Three important things to know about God’s voice
-Bible verses you can learn and will change your life
-Questions for you to think about and answer
-A prayer to help you learn how to pray
-The great pictures from Growing Up with God to guide your journey

The more you get to know how God speaks to you, the easier it is to know his heart of love for you and everyone around you. When you hear from God there is an exciting life journey to take that will require a real connection to the Bible and to what he is saying directly to you!

Growing Up with God is an amazing adventure, and we’re so glad you’ve joined us on it.

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