Partner Holiday Update

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

This is the Bolz households favorite time of year! We start playing Christmas music in July though, so for us it lasts quite a while! We pray each of you have a wonderful time with friends and family this holiday season!

This year might have set a record for our ministry on how much was accomplished! It was so full of grace, projects, friendships, and acceleration we feel like we lived a dog year! We are so very ready to celebrate the close of 2017 and dive into 2018!

We were able to activate millions of people in a love based approach to hearing the voice of God over TV Appearances, events, podcasts, radio interviews and more. This has become a movement and the testimonies of hundreds of churches, organizations using our trainings, schools viewing our e-courses, and families growing in their connection to God has been overwhelming!

We know, over the course of the year, you have so many things to invest your resources into and the fact that you chose us is so meaningful! We love and are humbled that you are on a journey with us! We need this kind of partnership, not only to do what we are called to do, but to know we have a family of prayer and kindred hearts championing the ministry with us! Thank you!

We are excited we all get to grow together and discover blessings together! We are continuously praying for each of you as you venture with us!

We want to give you a bit of insight as to what you are helping build…

1) Our Authoring: You helped us launch numerous resources this year! God Secrets, our new book, workbook and e-course, has made the gift of words of knowledge and hearing God for yourself and others accessible to all! We also began translating almost all of our products into Spanish! We are beyond excited about this!

2) Our Traveling: We travel extensively in front of 15-25k people a year along with millions watching online at the various locations. Some of the most beautiful moments occur on these trips!

3) Our Media: You give us opportunity to dream and develop media products! One new media project is a new weekly podcast from Shawn called Exploring the Prophetic with Charisma Podcast Network that you should be able to access right before the end of the year. Shawn and Cherie continue to build towards launching their own show that will bring the pairing of supernatural to everyday life process! In the meantime Shawn hosted Dreams and Mysteries Season 4-5 with Streams Ministries as well as was interviewed for another episode of Sid Roth, several episodes of Marilyn Hickey and Sarah Bowling’s show, 700 Club feature, Studio Five with CBN, as well as many interviews across news media around the country. We also were interviewed for dozens of podcasts and radio shows.

4) Our Networks: We continue to expand our reach through our current networks and new friendships that have developed throughout the year! We love partnering with others to see Kingdom on Earth! We were able to invest into the largest multi cultural church in the US this year for their 3500+ pastors conference and then later their main 15k plus conference in Miami Florida. We also continued our presence in the Call stadium events as well as Awaken The Dawn Washington DC gathering at the Mall with over 25,000 attending believing for God to bring a great awakening to America!

5) Our Family: You are a part of building the Bolz Ministries family worldwide! We launched a prophetic team through Bolz Ministries that we will continue to develop next year. We have a dream interpretation team with Barry Hickenbottom at the lead! This team interprets dreams through Facebook. We grew our staff to 9 this year, everyone from social media content director to communications, to events staff….the family is growing!

This is your fruit!!! Our breakthrough is your breakthrough!

We pray that as you have lovingly supported us God imparts more to you. We pray that as we wrap up 2017 and enter into 2018 that you will see his goodness and provision in your life!

In Christ’s precious love,

Shawn and Cherie Bolz
& The Bolz Ministries Team