Our Team

Jeremy Butrous

Jeremy’s life passion is seeing people transformed and changed by the power of God. Jeremy completed three-years of BSSM in Redding, California. Since then, he has gained over ten years of experience supporting and running ministries for itinerant speakers. Jeremy thrives on creating and providing access to resources and events that empower the body of Christ. He has authored several books, including Transcending Mindsets, and Praying Through The Seven Mountains. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Ally, and their dog, Pepper.

Ryan Hicks

Ryan is a former college and career pastor, twice-elected public official, graduate and subsequent full-time staff member of Bethel Church in Redding, California. Ryan’s lifelong passion is to see sons and daughters walk in their full, God-given identity and destiny. He currently works as an events coordinator for Bolz Ministries and a personal assistant to Shawn and Cherie Bolz in Los Angeles, California.

Ruzanna Tovmasyan

Ruzanna is a speaker, performing artist, outreach planner, and has a passion for film. One of ten children in an Armenian family, Ruzanna encountered God's love at the age of 18, which freed her from binding religion. Her newfound passion caused her to launch her nonprofit, Trinity Love, through which she planned, trained, and led citywide evangelistic outreaches focused around theatre and music productions for five years. Ruzanna is now creating resources that focus on the purity of the gospel, and she lives in Los Angeles, CA.