October_November Update

God has given tools in our generation to really understand our identity like no other generation has been able to access. I even think of how God has shaped our ministry and even our prophetic grace to minister to so many, it all carries a theme of love and deeply rooted knowledge of who we are to God. There has never been a generation who has had access to be so wired in relational connectivity to the world around them.

Our past month has been full of creating resources and speaking in places on this wiring. I have even been continuing my studies on neurology and I am more convinced then ever that God hard wired us with spiritual purpose and relational DNA that can cause us to manifest what Jesus said in John 10:10 : I have come to give you life to live abundantly.

One of my highlights in the past month was being at Bethel, in Redding California with Bill Johnson and Brian Houston from Hillsong. It was so powerful to hear the same theme coming from them of living a connected spiritual life! Being spiritually alive! You can watch the whole conference on www.ibethel.tv

I want to encourage you to pursue the tools that bring you most alive. You will knot have to be on the discovery journey long if you go after what your spirit finds beautiful and what your heart finds healthy!

Shawn Bolz

Director Bolz Ministries


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