October / November Partner Update

Hello to our Wonderful Partners!

This October has been packed with busyness and so much LIFE! This has delayed our October / November Partner Update a bit…but alas it has arrived! Enjoy! Make sure to CLICK picture above to see the video update!

Partner Update

We believe in hearing from God in real ways, but what happens when there are so many voices saying so many different things about the same issues? I remember at one point talking to former President Bill Clinton’s spiritual adviser, and I asked him, “Does he believe in prophecy?” The adviser replied, “He used to, but he says every prophet seems to be saying different things, and it’s all agenda based.”

I remember in my heart praying for a reformation that wasn’t politically motivated or even self-motivated. I was really praying that God would raise up people who could be true advisers and have a prophetic authority to speak about great issues, such as elections, United Nations issues, military issues, world business, and more.

One of the ways to gain this authority is to come to a place of complete surrender to Jesus and His will and to the humility where you realize you don’t know as much as you think you do. I watched opposing videos on the candidates for this year’s US election and started to enter into conspiracy about both of them. I was tempted to shut my love off and go into fight mode. This does NOTHING to bring agreement between heaven and earth. I thought of a famous quote, “You will not have authority over those you do not love.”

This is so true in the prophetic. I think of some of the dictators, drug lords, pimps, corrupt business leaders, and corrupt entertainment leaders who God has called me to minister to, and I had to turn off my natural discernment and knowledge and choose to see them after the Father’s heart. They are the ones Jesus went to the cross for as well as you and me. He bore their iniquity and he was raised from the dead, so he could raise them up. So many of our battles turn against people instead of the system behind them. I can be for someone in love without being in alignment with their values and practices. I have learned to let God’s love possess my heart when I wanted to shut down toward someone.

As a matter of fact, some of the authority I have today is because I said yes to love, even when I didn’t want to feel it. I believe that the authority to have prophecy that matters to society around us is directly linked to becoming someone who doesn’t have judgment as a primary or secondary goal.

Let’s pray that God raises up passionate Christians who can carry the authority to influence, like Daniel or Joseph did! Better yet, let’s pray to become Daniels and Josephs!

Shawn Bolz
Bolz Ministries