Occult, Witchcraft, and Satanism

Today we are going to talk about the occult, witchcraft and satanism – but in a non-heavy way. These subjects can get so heavy at times. Conspiracy can lead you down a rabbit hole! This can separate you from children of God that He wants to reach. Tune in to a story of mine of my days back in Kansas City – this woman we met was openly practicing witchcraft in church. We prayed for an encounter with God’s heart for her. She invited us to her house and I felt an impression that “she was going to poison us”. When I followed up on this, the poison was revealed to be true!   We went and visited her in the mental hospital – I heard a demonic voice speak to me through her. When SHE finally responded, she opened up and got radically saved in the mental hospital. It was a night and day experience for her. It’s not us and them. God so loved the entire world that He even came for her. Sometimes we can get so afraid of the enemy, that we put our fear on people that the enemy is using.   It’s so important that we see people as people. Our wrestle is not against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities. God’s heart is to love them, not to judge them. We need to see them as a person that God can redeem.