What if marketplace people will be the focus of the next move of God that will bring millions into the Kingdom?


God is going to use believers in the marketplace as the front-liners to culture. That means the stakes are really high and the war is very great, so we can’t go after this in our own strength, wisdom, or power. We must build with spiritual tools so we can bear natural fruit that has spiritual implications over lives.

We need the courage to trust and hear God in our careers, businesses, and finances—not just as an occasional occurrence when God disrupts our big decisions, but as a way of life in all things, partnering with God in our practical daily decisions.

It’s time to access the fullness of what He has made available to you in your lifetime through hearing His voice. Our mission is simple; we need to hear God. Let’s partner with His incredible wisdom and grace and from that place, do the work He has called us to do.

God has hardwired you to partner with Him and to hear Him in all areas of your life. Hearing God is not just an esoteric or philosophical experience reserved for a church service. Instead, His voice should create faith that can change the metrics of industries, shift the bottom line for the poor, and cause leaders and influencers to wonder about who it is you serve. Your partnership with God should bring solutions to industries that have given up hope of changing or evolving. It should cause big industries to see huge shifts toward a better future.