May Update

May Newsletter:

Looking out over the crowd of 8- to 12-year-olds and their parents, I saw in the Spirit a name of a little girl. Then her brother. Then I began to tell her what her heart was like because I saw her grandfather in heaven, whom she was incredibly close to and had just lost. I saw Jesus talking to the grandfather about his amazing granddaughter, and I began to give a word to this girl and her family that would forever mark her and change her life. She also heard from God herself that day, and I believe this set a new foundation in her life, along with the several hundred others who were participating!

When revelation is released, it causes different resolutions and opportunities to occur. Revelation through prophecy, words of wisdom, and words of knowledge—they are all a huge harvesting tool in the upcoming global revival that God is about to release through you and me. Things that can take decades happen in a moment when God brings supernatural resolution through a spiritual encounter. Relationships that would take years to form happen in a second. God is releasing revelation through the media, the arts, and especially the church that will change the face of Christianity and then help to transform culture.

These are bold statements, but our own ministry as well as the ministries we are involved with are seeing tokens of this. God keeps encountering people one at a time, like a businessman who wants to use his finances to shape Kingdom culture or a screenwriter who has a C.S. Lewis edge for popular culture and has revelation on what to write that will create conversations about the cultural changes that have to happen. There are so many Christians getting revelation that it is akin to what we experienced when the information age with Internet started; we are now being spiritually wired to a revelation network through the Holy Spirit that is his own world wide web.

I pray that this year you would feel the most plugged into God as you read the Bible and as you spend time with HIM—that you get revelations that set you up for life!

Shawn Bolz and the Bolz Ministry Team


We had a very heavy travel month this month, plus we threw our own event—a kids’ seminar to help us plan for our upcoming October release! Little did I know that God was going to meet with the children so deeply or how this curriculum and these materials that we are producing are essential discipleship tools until that kids’ seminar day!

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On top of that, we spoke to entertainment industry professionals, creative artisans, and worship people at the Bethel School of Creativity in Redding, California, along with Theresa Dedmon, Darren Wilson, and Patricia King, among an awesome panel of artisans and industry people. I felt that the Bethel host team did the most phenomenal job hosting! I invited my producer friend from England, Kerry Loughren, to share a 15-minute inspirational talk about her creative journey, and it was an amazing addition to the event! We will post it for you to see, and you won’t want to miss it!

We also did a word of knowledge school with three sessions of intensive training at Mission Church in Vacaville, and little did we know that 1,500 people were going to show up for a one-day seminar from all over the world! So many people arrived at a new level as we introduced some activations and theology on why words of knowledge is such a key addition to the revelatory gifts. We had people getting revelation that made others feel so completely known, like names, birthdates, and even pets’ names! It was really a sweet start to so many people’s journeys! We will be making this into a message series soon for those of you who also want to practice.

So we have shared that Heidi Baker and her ministry, Iris Ministries, wanted to help launch Bolz Ministries and has been sowing a free office space into us with their office suite in Glendale, California, for the last seven or so months. Recently their media office took a suite across from Iris Global, and then the Global group began a move to Pasadena so that the suite that we were in became available, and now we have rented it! We are so excited because Heidi kept saying she wanted to inherit more of the prophetic for Iris by sowing into us, but we very much inherited more from her mother’s heart! We are now in the Hollywood Production Center as a full staff, including our resources department! YEAH, GOD!


We had the opportunity to tape three radio shows for Sid Roth’s IT’S SUPERNATURAL in the middle of May, and we will be featured on a show that we are taping in the beginning of June. We will keep you posted on when it will air. We also are working with Streams Ministries to be on a Dreams and Mysteries episode as well as with Darrin Wilson on his new TV show he is producing.